A pie chart demonstrating 100% staff appraisal completion.

100% appraisal completion without lifting a finger with our unmissable email reminders.

A graph demonstrating employee performance changes over time.

Track progress and spot trends in an instant. Let Appraisd gather and collate the data while you monitor who's doing well and whose performance is dropping

A cursor completing an objective of attaining CIPD qualification.

Kick-start personal development with little-and-often objectives and longer-term goals

It really is an amazing service

OD Director, Plan UK
A cutout from a dashboard of an online staff appraisal system Appraisd.

Beautiful, clear and simple

Your dashboard makes it crystal clear what you need to do next - whether you're a manager, an appraisee or in HR.

Examples of performance review form sections.

Move to Appraisd in minutes

Already using Word docs for your appraisals? It takes a few minutes to recreate it on Appraisd.

Starting from scratch? Use our library of skills, competencies and useful questions.

A chart showing employee’s performance  over time.

Manage your talent

Find your future leaders - as well as consistent underperformers with Appraisd's reports.

Relax in the knowledge that all data is stored securely on our servers. No manual filing needed. Ever!

Different software settings suggesting its flexibility and customisability.

Completely customisable

Whatever suits you: competencies, objectives, goals, skills, 360° feedback - all can be tailored to what works for your organisation.

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