As well as getting the usual email reminders, you can add Appraisd actions to your calendar. The actions you can add include:

  • Your own appraisals and reviews
  • Appraisals and reviews that you are the reviewer for (ie your team's appraisals)
  • Requests to give feedback for others
  • Your objectives (optional)

Your objectives are optional, because you may prefer not to have them shown on your calendar in case they contain sensitive information that you don't want others who have access to your calendar to see.

Getting started

  1. Get a copy of your Appraisd calendar feed URL. You can get this from your Dashboard using the Sync with your calendar button, bottom right:

  1. Highlight and copy one of the feed URLs. You can choose a feed that contains your objectives or a feed without.

  1. Once you've copied the feed URL, you need to paste it into the relevant calendar programme on your computer. See the instructions below.

  2. Appraisd actions will appear in your calendar as all-day events and should refresh automatically, although you may find there's a five minute delay when making changes in Appraisd before your calendar is updated.

Microsoft Outlook

Please follow these steps to add the feed to your Microsoft Outlook calendar:

  • Open Outlook to the calendar screen

  • Right click on My Calendars on the left. Then click Add Calendar >, then From Internet:

  • Paste in the Feed URL from stage 2 above into the box that appears and click OK:

  • In the confirmation box, click Yes

  • Your calendar will now sync, and you'll be able to see your Appraisd events.

  • Your calendar may be called Unnamed. You can rename this to something more helpful by right-clicking and selecting Rename Calendar:

  • That's it!

Google Calendar

Please follow these steps to add the feed to your Google online calendar:

  • Load up your Google Calendar, or click here

  • Click the** down arrow** by Other Calendars and click Add by URL

  • Paste in the Feed URL from step 2 above. You'll probably want to leave **Make the calendar publicly accessible? unticked. **Click Add Calendar.

  • Your Appraisd feed will now be added to your Google Account.

  • If you like you can be alerted when events change. Use the Notification settings option to set your preferences:

  • That's it!

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