Appraisd has an API that is available to all customers at no extra fee. An API is a way for another system such as your HRIS to communicate with Appraisd over the internet.

Can I integrate Appraisd with my HRIS / HRMS?

If your HRIS has an API or has the capability of interacting with an API, then it's highly likely that you can sync data from your HRIS to Appraisd.

In practice this typically means whenever you add a new employee or make a change to an employee on your HRIS, the same employee will be added or modified on Appraisd almost instantly. This saves you the admin time of making the changes twice and helps to ensure your Appraisd account is always up to date.

Please note that integration is not the same as Single Sign On, which allows users to log in to Appraisd without needing a separate password .

In some cases, you may need to write a small programme to connect your HRIS with Appraisd. Thanks to our API documentation this should be straightforward.

Less straightforward is data that relates to appraisals or objectives and syncing it between the two systems - that's because this data is more complex and needs to be 'translated' to suit the target system.

What's available?

At the moment, the API includes the following areas:

  • Activity Log

    • List recent actions on Appraisd taken by your users (logged in, such as submitted an appraisal, edited a user)
  • Users

    • Search or list your existing users
    • Add new users or make changes to existing users
    • Deactivate users
  • Your account (these features are in beta and URLs may change)

    • Get a list of forms in your account
    • Get a list of Job Descriptions in your account
    • Get a list of the workflows enabled on your account
    • Get a ZIP of all appraisals, objectives and user data

We are currently developing new parts of the API which will open up the following functionality:

  • Get all objectives or personal development activities that meet your search criteria
  • Add or update an objective for a user or users
  • Get all the responses (text and ratings) for an appraisal
  • Get responses for appraisals that meet your search criteria
  • Add a response to an appraisal (could be used to import data from another system, such as your sales metrics, to be used in the appraisal discussion)

To gain access to our API, please contact your account manager.


You are welcome to sign up for a free trial of Appraisd to set up your own sandbox account at no cost.


Interactive documentation is available  - again please contact your account manager


Access to our API is gained by passing an API token in the header of your request.

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