We categorize users into the following user types in relation to another specific user:

  • Unrelated users – these are subordinate to or not in the same org-chart tree as the user.
  • Line manager, second sign-off or above – these users are in a direct reporting line above the user.

This video explains whose profiles a line manager has access to:

Administrators and Moderators

In addition, there are two kinds of special user: Administrators and Moderators. In general:

  • Administrators have access to all information on users except they cannot open other users' appraisal reports or view their objectives. They can modify a user’s records, such as updating their email address or assigning them to a new line manager.
  • Moderators have access to sensitive data such as the comments and ratings provided on appraisal reports, in feedback and on objectives.

While it is possible to be a Moderator but not an Administrator, it is not recommended. Instead, ensure all your Moderators are Administrators too.

Table of permissions

Feature / areaUnrelated userLine manager, second sign-off or aboveAdministratorModerator
View user’s general profileNYYY
Edit a user’s details (line manager, email address etc)NYYN
Issue password-reset emailsNYYN
View a list of user’s direct reportsNYYY
View a list of feedback nominations for a userNYYY
View an activity log of the user’s actionsNNYN
View administration warnings for a userNNYN
View, add, edit and delete user’s objectives (not your own)NYN *Y
View a user’s appraisal reportNYNY
Edit a user’s appraisal dateNYYY
Select a user’s appraisal form, appraiser and stageNNYY
View a user’s appraisal report and feedback receivedNYNY
View a user's performance chartsNYNY
View the Administration CenterNNYN
Change account settingsNNYN
Add new usersNN *YN
Create AdministratorsNNYY
Create ModeratorsNNNY
View organisation-wide reports on ObjectivesNNNY
View organisation-wide reports on Ratings and CommentsNNNY
View organisation-wide performance chartsNNNY

***** these permissions can be modified by changing the settings for your account

Setting Administrators and Moderators

You can specify that someone is an Administrator or a Moderator on their cog tab of their profile. See Editing a user.

You will only be able to make these changes if you are an Administrator or Moderator yourself.

Private Profiles

Normally, Moderators can see all sensitive information. However you may like, in some cases, to restrict this ability for certain individuals.

For example, the Head of HR may not wish others in HR to read his or her appraisal reports. Yet, it's important that the HR team are Moderators so that they can support the employees and do the necessary reporting.

In this case, you can enable Private Profiles in Settings. Once enabled, you can mark specific users, such as the Head of HR, as Private. Do this on their Edit user tab.

When a user is marked as Private, the following happens:

  • Moderators cannot see that person's objectives or appraisals. Only that person, their line manager and above can see them.
  • Only that person can remove the Private mark.

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