Growing up fast

Your company is growing fast, and you want the best system in place, now.

If you're growing fast, you'll have a unique set of challenges:

  • Driven by VC or similar funding. Scaling up your workforce is one of your biggest challenges.
  • Your product or service is taking off and it's all hands on deck. How do you put systems in place before things get neglected?
  • Growing through acquisition. How do you rapidly and repeatedly integrate other businesses and teams?

Embedding a particular culture

Our clients are often driven by an urge to get good practices in place early. When scaling fast, the founders often want to hold onto the values that helped them get started in the first place. They want to ensure their unique culture is not just maintained, but is a constant thread running through all aspects of management within the organisation. Putting a central system in place becomes essential.

A great example of a leader with a clear culture vision is Sophie Costello, the founder of the fast growing and highly successful Costello Medical. Costello Medical chose Appraisd because it was important that the system they used supported Sophie's vision for the way people should be developed, managed and inspired.

Moving from Google Docs to Appraisd

In many organisations, especially in the tech sector, performance review systems have been put together in Google Docs, MS Teams or an online survey tool. These are great when you're starting out: they're cheap and highly customisable.

But when you start to scale, things get out of hand. From our experience, this approach becomes unmanageable with as few as ten or more employees. Administration and reporting is impossible and there will be considerable worries around information security.

Companies who've made the leap from a home-made solution to Appraisd have reported several key benefits:

  1. The added value in automation, insights and reporting is enormous
  2. They haven't had to compromise on the way they do things because Appraisd is very customisable
  3. The advice of the Appraisd Customer Success team has reduced significantly the amount of time spent on admin and decision-making

First Head of HR/People

At a certain point in the growth of an organisation it becomes essential to hire a full time, in-house HR resource. If this is you, then this is good news for the organisation. You now have someone with the time and knowledge to work with a supplier like Appraisd; getting the best out of us, configuring every detail and crafting the perfect performance management environment.

You'll want to know every detail about how the system works but also want to be certain there's a knowledgeable, helpful Customer Success Manager available at the end of the phone.

Multiple systems of truth

If you're growing through merging and acquisition, you'll probably have different HR systems to cope with, not to mention very different views on how things should be done.

Appraisd is happy dealing with complex scenarios. If it's correct that reviews in Japan take place once a year whereas Europe is pushing for a continuous performance management model, then so be it. Appraisd will help you tailor your approach to the individual needs of different regions or even departments.

Would you like to speak to someone knowledgeable about performance-management in fast-growing organisations?