Managing people is hard. Managing remotely is harder still.

How do you get the best from people working remotely? Appraisd will show you the way.

Where wellbeing meets performance

Appraisd helps employees and managers conduct regular, frequent one-to-ones that not only check up on mental health and wellbeing, but also maintain a focus on performance and effectiveness.

Now we're into 2021, we've made the painful adjustments to get everyone working from home.

Wellbeing is still a concern, but now I hear senior leaders asking, what about performance?

Roly Walter

Helping people understand each other

Employees and managers use Teams or Slack every day to communicate. But these tools are designed to facilitate discussions around the detail of work, 'how' to do things.

Appraisd's configurable check-ins tackle the conversations people aren't having on Teams. It helps answer questions like

  • "What am I meant to prioritise?"
  • "What am I even aiming for?"
  • "Why are we doing this?"
  • "What does my future look like?"

Giving purpose and clarity

When people know what they're aiming for, they can use their full capability to achieve it. Clear, actionable objectives in Appraisd help managers not only set clear expectations for performance, but also provide a sense of purpose and direction.

Improving wellbeing and mental health

Appraisd helps employees and managers gain better consciousness of wellbeing. Mental health ceases to be a taboo issue, and managers feel more confident in their ability to broach these subjects.

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