Painful reporting, lacking insights and a drain on your time

Is this how you feel about your performance management process?

You're a busy HR professional. Do any of these sound familiar?

"It takes me hours to compile my ratings spreadsheets"

"I'm spending the whole time chasing people up"

"I have no idea who's completed a review recently"

"Extracting data is a nightmare"

You're worth more than this

Literally. You're too expensive to be doing admin and messing about in Excel. It's time to step up a gear.

Appraisd will...

  • Automate sending email and Slack reminders
  • Gather data on ratings and scores automatically
  • Enable senior leaders to access reports themselves
  • Allow you to focus on the work that adds value

... and that's not even counting the many positive changes Appraisd will have on your employees and managers.

So why do so many organisations use archaic systems cobbled together in PDFs and Google Docs? It's not because they're cheap.

It's because it (nearly) does exactly what they want. Except for the admin and reporting.

Appraisd is fully customisable which allows you to bring your own process with you. If you've got something that nearly works for you, we can help you create something that completely meets your needs.

Had enough of manual admin work?

Brilliant, user friendly performance management system!

It's user friendly and engaging for all staff. Our Team Leader has quoted it as the best, most engaging system he has used in his 10 years of leadership.

Molly P
HR Coordinator