Appraisd - a manager's perspective

Elissa Dennis
21st June 2020
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Lauren Sowden, Marketing Manager Bryson Products Ltd

About Bryson

Bryson is a leading manufacturer, importer and distributor of fixings, safety and protection products, dedicated to supplying fast-track Fit-out and Refurbishment Contractors across the UK & Europe.Still a family owned business, Bryson has grown steadily since it's establishment in 1974. As a result of unprecedented service, quality products and absolute devotion to the customers' needs, the business has grown 10X in the last 10 years.

Lauren Sowden has been Marketing Manager at Bryson for four years. This is her experience of using Appraisd.

“We began using Appraisd at Bryson earlier this year. Before that reviews had been carried out via emails with questionnaires which were not tailored to each employee and their specific role. The process was manually driven with managers facilitating their review schedules for their teams, therefore leading to appraisals being conducted at varying times in the quarter.

Appraisd has made everything much easier for us managers. The process is now automated, giving us helpful prompts for when reviews are ready to comment on and feedback is required. It has created a level of consistency across the business, everyone knows exactly what they should be doing and when.

Adopting Appraisd has made me much more aware of what I need to do to support the development of my team. In the PDP section it is now easy for employees to highlight the areas they’d like training in and set out how they’d like to develop. Every department in the business is more focused on improving performance and employees feel empowered to come forward and discuss their career ambitions and ask for training.

Our Managing Director, Daniel Reiner, creates a huge poster at the beginning of each year displaying the Key Initiatives for each department, so everyone knows what the priorities for the business are. These Key Initiatives have formed the basis of the objectives we now have in Appraisd. Having these online makes them much easier to share and tracking progress against them is far more straightforward.

With the introduction of Appraisd we now have quarterly reviews. These allow us to focus not only on the objectives for the year, but also on short-term goals over the next three months. These are working really well, bringing people together from across the business and keeping everyone aligned to what we need to do as a business. I can see how they will help us be much more agile, quickly reacting to circumstances and shifting priorities accordingly.

Another thing we’ve been able to introduce using Appraisd is formalised 360 feedback. This is something we’ve not had before and it’s so useful to have a mechanism to let direct reports and colleagues know how they are doing and also to gather feedback on my own performance. It is still early days, but I can see this will definitely boost communication and understanding between teams.

Appraisd has injected a new energy and enthusiasm into the business around reviews. It signals to everyone how seriously Bryson is taking the development of its employees. We now have the confidence and capability to take greater charge of our own performance and drive forward our own development.”