Appraisd Community - Forum review

From appraisals to on-going check-ins

The first Appraisd Community Forum, 7th February 2018

Appraisd was born out a desire to make reviews as useful to employees as they are to managers. We wanted to break the mould and stop appraisals just being tick box exercises, transforming them into something far more useful and something that everyone embraces. From speaking to dozens of customers every day, we realised many of them were facing similar problems. To help them solve these more effectively we came up with the idea of the Appraisd Community Forum, where peers could share ideas and ask questions in a friendly and inclusive session. The topics covered will reflect the latest trends in people management and the hot topics facing HR today.

The Community gives us the chance to meet our customers face-to-face on a regular basis. Through this, we can help them make the most of the system and we can get feedback on how to best develop Appraisd so that it continues to be a market-leader in this area. At our first session in February, Rachel Broome, Director at Talentstorm and former Director of Learning and Development at community housing group, Aster, took us through the journey she experienced there from ditching the annual appraisal and introducing regular, on-going check-ins. Her presentation covered the whole process, from why they decided to make to the change to how they implemented it and what the benefits where for Aster. She spoke about the challenges they faced as well as the successes, providing an honest and engaging account. Having the chance to ask questions of someone who had been there and done it was one of the many attraction for many.

So that people felt comfortable to express their opinions, we asked for anonymous feedback. Here’s just a few comments.

“It was great to hear Rachel’s story as it reassured me that I’m on the right path with my organisation and it gave me the confidence to continue with that approach. It also gave me fresh ideas f or my next steps.”

“It’s always useful to hear how other companies have gone about implementing a new system and changing their approach.”

“I now know it’s OK to lose the annual appraisal and do something different.”

An ongoing presence in every Community Forum will be our Founder, Roly Walter.

He will be on hand to act as compere and provide updates on the latest developments with Appraisd. It’s a great chance to chat to him and find out more about how you can use the system more effectively. He’s always keen to embrace new ideas, so relishes the chance to hear these first hand.

We’ll be holding regular Community Forums throughout the year, so keep an eye out for the next one. We hope to see you at one very soon!