Appraisd rated #1 easiest performance management software to use!

Roly Walter
24th March 2021

When I had the idea of creating Appraisd almost 10 years ago, one of my key objectives was building something that employees found easy and simple to use. I’d seen how complicated, difficult and frustrating reviews could be without an intuitive tool to help make the process go smoothly. This irritation was a major barrier, preventing employers and line managers engaging completely with performance management and getting full value out of the process.

Since then, through many iterations, this has remained a key focus for me and the team. Our users are our customers and we really want them to like using Appraisd and find the experience as enjoyable as possible. The more they like it, the more they will use it and they’ll get more out of it.

The launch of the latest version of Appraisd last year had user experience at it’s very core. The new look enhanced the visual appearance, refined the navigation and defined the user journey more clearly. Therefore, I’m delighted that users of Appraisd have rated us so highly on this aspect on leading software comparison site, G2. Against much larger competitors with substantial marketing and PR budgets, this is a brilliant result.

Rated high performing

Overall, G2 has rated Appraisd as High Performing amongst the many performance management software providers on the market for the second quarter running. We are determined to keep up this standard and will be aiming maintain our high ranking when the next reports are released in the summer.

Rapid return on investment

I am also delighted that our customers see the ROI on Appraisd 80% faster than many of our leading competitors, such as Clear Review and Lattice. At a time when organisations are carefully monitoring their budgets and are focused on getting a tangible return on any investment, this is highly significant. It shows that our customers are getting tremendous value out of Appraisd and quickly seeing the benefits.

What our customers say

Here are just a few things that users have written about Appraisd on G2 over the last year:

I enjoy using Appraisd because it's easy to navigate to the areas we've chosen to focus on as a company. The colours are pleasing and there is so much that is customisable as well.

Highly configurable and great new look after some updates last year that made the user experience better and kept it looking modern.

Having such positive feedback is not only fantastic, but incredibly useful. Knowing what our clients think, what they like and how we can improve their experience drives us forward and motivates us to produce the best possible performance management tool we can.

Share your thoughts

Thank you to all our clients who have completed a review on G2. We really appreciate you taking the time to share your opinion of us. However, we’d like to get loads more. It only takes a few minutes and sharing your knowledge and insights with your peers could really help them find the perfect solution. Click here if you’d like to start a review.

I hope you agree that Appraisd is easy to use, but if you have any ideas about how we could make it even better, please do get in touch via