Appraisd’s response to the coronavirus outbreak

Roly Walter
16th March 2020

Main phone line: we are having technical difficulties redirecting incoming phone calls to the relevant person who will be working from home. We therefore suggest that you email or use the online chat facility to request a call back from us - or use your account manager's mobile phone number if necessary.

Update 19 March 2020

We are currently running with a full team working remotely with no disruption to the provision of the Appraisd web application. We are welcoming and onboarding new clients as well as checking-in with existing clients to discuss the different ways they might like to use Appraisd for their 1:1s, especially during this time when most are working remotely.

12 March 2020

As you are no doubt aware the WHO has announced COVID-19 pandemic. Firstly, we’d like to extend our sympathies to anyone reading this who may have been directly impacted already, and we hope that everyone else will stay safe and well for the duration of the pandemic.

Appraisd have put in place plans to maintain the business throughout the pandemic and we believe we are well prepared.

All members of staff have been made aware of the guidelines on virus prevention and have been asked not to come into the office if feeling unwell. A number of hygiene measures have been put in place in the office. All employees are able to work from home, and we have implemented a three day office closure to test our ability to have everyone work remotely simultaneously. We are confident that if we were required to go fully remote for a sustained period we would be able to do so without any negative impact on the business.

Additionally, we have several plans in place should a large number of staff be off sick at the same time. Were these to be put in place there could be some impact on the way we provide our services, and we would seek to prioritise information security and high level issues over work that is not time-critical. As such we would send out additional emails before any of these plans were implemented.

  • Members of the software development team and sales team answering customer support chats.
  • Turning off chats and having email-only support ( with a priority placed on urgent issues.
  • Rescheduling account manager catch ups.
  • Rescheduling training sessions.

We hope we do not have to implement any of these measures but we hope we can count on your patience and understanding if they become necessary.