Creating the ideal combination – the new Appraisd Slack app

Elissa Dennis
17th February 2021
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Rhubarb and custard, cheese and pickle, bacon and eggs – all classic combinations that work perfectly together. A cheese sandwich is nice but add pickle and you take it to a whole new level, each element enhancing the other. Finding combinations that work in tandem is a joy, which makes life just that little bit better.

Making the most of Appraisd

Lots of our clients tell us they enjoy using Appraisd. They like the colours, the layout, the simplicity of the system. We know that it enables their employees to focus more on their objectives, have better conversations with their line manager and receive relevant and timely feedback. It also helps managers and senior leaders have an overview of who is performing well and who needs extra support.

We know that Appraisd works best as part of a holistic approach, an integrated part of a whole philosophy that is geared around maximising employee potential. For employees to flourish, performance management needs to be coordinated with recruitment, succession planning, wellbeing, and everything else that goes into creating a vibrant and dynamic workforce.

Reducing time wasting, increasing productivity

To make this happen, we are always looking for ways to make it easier to use Appraisd, searching for ideas that reduce friction and save time. We know that employees hate duplication and unnecessary administration. An average, employees switch applications more than 1,100 times a day and copy and paste information 130 times. These actions waste time and reduce productivity. We wanted to enable our clients to use their main applications more effectively, helping their employees to tie in performance management and personal development seamlessly into their working day.

Slack is one of the fastest growing workplace communication tools with more than 12 million active daily users. It was the app that most of our clients asked us to integrate with Appraisd, as for them, it was becoming their main communications tool. We pride ourselves on listening to clients and delivering what they want, so we are delighted to unveil the new Appraisd app for Slack.

Benefits of the Appraisd app for Slack

The app is incredibly easy to set up and use, supporting employees in the following key areas:

  • Review and check-in reminders – development conversations are always better if both parties are ready for them. In the home tab you can see any upcoming reviews or check-ins, ensuring the date is top of mind and everyone has time to prepare.
  • Instant feedback – timely feedback is incredibly useful and empowering for employees. With just one click you can give colleagues feedback, so they know when they’ve done an exceptional job.
  • Making notes – in a busy working day, it’s easy to forget things you’d like to bring up in your review. This feature ensures employees have a place to record these thoughts, ensuring nothing is lost.

There are additional benefits for line managers, who can easily see their team members activity in Appraisd, ensuring they have a clear grasp of what is required to facilitate their development. They can also make notes for their team as well as for themselves.

We’re confident that clients will find this integration extremely useful, helping employees become more focused on their own development and making it easier for them to recognise the effort of others. If you would like to know more, take a look at the help pages or email the Customer Success Team at