New report - getting the most out of performance feedback

Elissa Dennis
14th September 2020
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Relevant, timely and constructive feedback is crucial for employee development. A survey by Globoforce found 89% of HR leaders believe on-going peer feedback has a positive impact on an organisation. In our recent check-in report, employees said the most important aspect of these regular meetings with giving and receiving feedback. With so many more people working remotely, finding an effective way to manage feedback is even more important to keep employees engaged and motivated.

To explore this vital function more closely, we commissioned dedicated research with 2,000 employees working in the UK in organisation with 50 employees or more. From this we’ve created a new report, How am I doing?

This explores:

  • The quality of feedback that employees are currently receiving.
  • How useful employees find this feedback.
  • What mechanisms are in place for managers and employees to give and receive feedback
  • How comfortable employees feel about giving feedback
  • The elements of feedback employees find most beneficial.

The report also includes practical ideas around how to create an effective feedback culture.