Launching new technology in a post-Covid 19 world

Elissa Dennis
15th July 2020
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The Covid 19 pandemic has thrown up a whole host of challenges for businesses. Adapting to remote workers and social distancing has forced employers to think in a different way and come up with fresh solutions. Tasks that people were used to performing in person, must now be done online.

One such task is rolling out new software. While most of our customers in the past have used online materials in some form or another to introduce Appraisd to their employees, they have always been able to back to this up with training in person. Since the lockdown began in March, this option has disappeared for many.

For those employees who have a preference for the physical learning style – they learn by seeing someone perform a task or the social learning style – they learn best when in a group or with other people - trying to pick up a new system when working remotely can be very difficult.

Continuing a face to face connection

The roll out of any new IT software is a crucial factor that will determine how much employees embrace and adopt the new technology. The smoother the roll out, the better it is communicated, the more likely employees are to understand the value to them of using the new software and how it will benefit them. Get the roll out wrong and it can be an uphill battle to engage employees and convince them that the software will make their lives easier.

Soon after lockdown began, we introduced a new integrated video calling feature, to help our customers continue to have face to face reviews and check-ins, maintaining that all important connection between line managers and their direct reports.

The value of integrated video calling

One of our new customers, Fabweld Steel Products Ltd who were poised to roll out Appraisd just as the lockdown came into force, found a different use for the video calling function. They used it to communicate the launch, providing one-to-one training on Appraisd to their employees. It proved to be an invaluable tool which meant they were able to press ahead with their plans and launch on time.

“The integrated video function was a godsend,” said Molly Peters, HR Officer at Fabweld. “Adam, the team leader for the shop floor, who is responsible for around 20 employees couldn’t have managed without it. He used the video to go through Appraisd with each employee, taking them through the system step by step. Being able to talk face to face while simultaneously using the tool made this extremely simple. He was able to address any issues while showing them what they needed to do. In fact, it probably worked better than if we had done it in the traditional way.”

Seizing the opportunity to try new things

While there is no denying that the current situation is extremely testing, what it does do is hold a mirror up to existing processes and pose the question “Can this be done in a better way?” If you’ve not done so already, take a look at the video calling functionality and see how it could boost performance management in your business. As always, if you need any guidance or support, our Customer Success team is on hand to help via the live chat or