Out of office…. Performance development is not just for employees who work at a desk

As we at Appraisd tap away on our laptops it’s easy to forget the vast numbers of people who work don’t sit at a desk all day. Indeed, in the UK, only a third of jobs are office-based. The majority of work takes place in a wide variety of locations including factories, shops, classrooms, hospitals, on the road and in the great outdoors. For those people not sat at a desk, taking charge of their own development and career progression can be a challenge and is quite often side-lined by their employer and in turn themselves.

Whether you’re sat at a desk in the city or sat on a tractor on a building site, the factors that drive successful performance remain the same: clear, relevant goals, receiving ongoing and meaningful feedback, and checking-in with a manager or coach on a regular basis. These processes combined create the basis of “good work”, a key promoter of employee engagement and wellbeing.

Complementing an organisation’s genuine desire to create an employee-focused culture, a simple tech-based solution is often the missing piece of the puzzle in successfully implementing change. By putting an app into the hands of all employees, you’re also giving them the green light to start thinking about what they want to do with their career within your organisation. The diversity of our global client base is proof that embracing a culture of performance development need not be for office-based workers alone.

We thought we’d share some industries and clients who are using Appraisd out of the conventional office-based environment.


Around 10% of the total UK workforce (3 million people) are employed in the construction industry and about two thirds of these are actively involved in the building process.

Kier Group have tens of thousands of employees working in an enormous variety of roles all over the UK, many of which are in physically demanding jobs out in the field. They were keen to find a solution that worked for everyone in the organisation whatever their seniority, responsibilities or location. Kier were looking for something modern and user-friendly that all employees, no matter their role or place of work, could easily engage with and become more invested in their own development.


Retail may be the first industry that comes to mind when thinking of a large workforce who are not desk bound. With the sector facing many challenges, it’s more vital than ever that all employees have clear objectives and that leaders are gathering feedback from their front-line employees who speak to their customers every day.

Menswear specialists Charles Tyrwhitt have over 1,000 employees using Appraisd. Everyone from head-office in the UK, through to shop workers, warehouse workers, merchandisers and their US-based team. Mobile and home computer access allows every employee to have visibility of their objectives and track them regularly.

Facilities and hospitality

This sector is often associated with a transient workforce. In fact, in the US the turnover rate within the industry is a staggering 73.8% per year. Investing in the development and well-being of staff can be an effective method in improving this and lowering staff turnover rates.

Employees of facilities management specialists Incentive FM have a wide range of roles from cleaners to security guards. Not only do they want employees to have access to Appraisd straight from their phones to do their check-ins regularly, their clients are reassured to know there’s a system in place to promote a happy and knowledgeable workforce.

Food and agriculture

There is a tendency to assume that most employees in this sector are temporary or seasonal workers. While this is the case for a large section of the workforce, others are in it for the long-term and want to develop their careers on the land. Almost half a million people in the UK work in the agricultural sector and the industry generates revenue of £9.9 billion a year. We have both UK and overseas clients in this sector including Vitacress, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of fresh salads and herbs, with great success. Earlier this year, they extended Appraisd to their operation in Portugal, providing more employees with the ability to manage their own development.


There are a growing number of jobs in the religious sector which go way beyond the role of Sunday preacher. In the USA, almost 80,000 employees work in this area, in a wide variety of jobs from counsellors to bus drivers. It’s estimated that the sector will increase by almost 8% over the next 10 years.

Some of our religious clients include The Salvation Army near Chicago, Illinois and Citylight Church in Omaha, Nebraska. It’s an area we can see expanding further over the next few years as these organisations become more commercially minded.

We passionately believe that a performance development culture should be embraced by all organisations.One thing they all have in common is the desire to bridge the gap between the head-office and the front line and ditching the “them and us” culture. We love the opportunity to work with businesses from all sectors to help them find the solution that’s right for them and their employees.