Recognition - are employees getting what they need?

Elissa Dennis
24th June 2021
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The two, small words “thank you”, might just be the most important ones any manager can say. 70% of employees state that both their morale and motivation would improve if their manager just said thank you more often.

At a time of such uncertainty and change for employers and employees, we thought it would be an appropriate time to explore the topic of recognition and see if employees are getting the appreciation that they want and feel they deserve. With more employees working remotely or socially distanced from their colleagues, it has never been more important for employers to ensure they receive recognition when they have exceeded expectations. Taking the time to show appreciation can dramatically improve engagement and productivity.

Our report, Recognition: are employees getting what they need? features new research with employees exploring their thoughts and feelings on the subject, expert opinions and advice on how to get recognition right.

Download a copy to find out:

  • How employees feel about the recognition they currently receive
  • Whether employees feel they get the recognition they deserve
  • What stops employees giving recognition to their colleagues
  • How to build a successful recognition culture
  • How to manage recognition in a digital world
  • How Cubico plan to use recognition
  • What AV2 have done to embed recognition into their company culture