Starting your performance management journey

Elissa Dennis
6th December 2018
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Performance management is not a once and done exercise. It’s an ever-evolving process that needs nurturing with regular time, care and attention, considering the shifting business environment. In the same way, when you buy Appraisd, that is just the beginning. Our customer success team is here to support your journey, working in collaboration to ensure your approach stays relevant and valuable to your employees and your business.

We often have clients who join us that have never had any form of appraisal before, and we make it our priority to help these customers build their performance management process. This can include consultation on how frequently to have reviews, what the forms should be and whether performance ratings are the right fit for the company culture in question. Appraisd will grow with you as you build on your performance management expertise and your internal culture evolves. In our experience, it’s best to start with the basics, listen to your employee feedback and then build out what features and functionality you use once you know the employee demand and capability is there.

Brightening up your performance management

Recently, as part of a one customer’s set up, we converted a performance rating into a lightbulb graphic that became brighter depending on how well someone rated in their end of year performance review. This visual aid worked especially well for the customer in question, providing an instant guide for employees on their progress. Customer feedback has been the driving force behind Appraisd’s development and we’re always happy to see if we can make your visions become a reality.

Knowing your data and how to use it

We work very hard to help our clients get valuable insights out of the responses given in Appraisd. We provide refresher training for admins at any time to remind them how they can access the reports they need across objectives and reviews to understand their employees, their managers and company trends better. If you can't run a report, we’ll make every effort to build it for you or pass on your feedback to our development team so they know how we can improve Appraisd.

Tailoring Appraisd to your requirements

Appraisd is designed to be flexible and adaptable, so it can suit any type or size of business. One of the main ways we can customise accounts is through the objectives and personal development plan templates that employees use to set and share their goals. You can choose the wording, number of questions and the way a goal is measured in the system. If you want to track training courses and accreditation using the personal development plan, we can set this up for you too. We can link to e-learning or booking sites, include an option to add status tags and incorporate instructions around values or methodologies, ensuring your performance management process links seamlessly into your employee development plans.

Becoming part of your team

For our largest clients, we have collaborated even more closely, embedding a member our customer success team within their organisation to ensure a smooth launch of Appraisd. Lisa Stevens, our Customer Success Manager is currently working at Robert Walters two days a week to do just that. “Having Lisa working closely with us, including spending regular time in our office, has helped with our complex global deployment,” says Marc Earnshaw, Group Talent Development Manager at Robert Walters.  “Her role in project managing the various workstreams has helped keep us on track. Her subject matter expertise has been useful in overcoming some of the challenges we’ve faced, identifying solutions we wouldn’t have known were possible without her product knowledge. Having Lisa in our offices has enabled her to understand our business better, work more closely with stakeholders and means she’s an integrated part of the project team – all of which have ultimately helped to make sure Appraisd is now live for the majority of our people across the globe.”

We're here for you

Our customer success team is available over online chat, through our support site and over the phone to help guide you through the system, provide consultation, solve any issues and listen to your feedback! We’re passionate about providing the best possible service. We’re investing in expanding our team and now have improved coverage with dedicated support in the USA. If you have a problem or question, don’t suffer in silence, we're here to help.