That winning feeling

Elissa Dennis
18th March 2020
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Thursday 12th March was a special day for Appraisd. At the FSB Celebrating Small Business Awards, the company won best Digital/E-commerce Business of the Year for London. This is the first award Appraisd has been fortunate enough to win and happily many of the team were there to enjoy this significant milestone. It shows just how far the company has come in only a few years and has given everyone involved a real boost.

For our founder, Roly Walter, it is very much a personal achievement and vindication of his hard work and determination. He’s devoted the last eight years to making his idea of an employee-focused performance management system become a reality. Now, hundreds of organisations in the UK and overseas have embraced this vision and this award is a testament to just how much Appraisd has developed. Here, Roly shares his thoughts on this achievement.

Over the last 18 months we've spent a lot of time, energy and money on developing the new version of Appraisd which was not without considerable risks. It meant rebuilding the system from the bottom up, having the courage to take a longer-term vision and create something that could grow and adapt more easily to customers’ needs. Receiving this award therefore feels like validation that we've made the right choices and we were right to invest so much into it.

It has been a brilliant team effort and everyone in the company has contributed something unique to the project. Personally, I'm delighted and have been really pleased with the reaction from clients, colleagues and other people in the industry who've reached out to congratulate us. It all feels very positive and fuels are desire to go further and do even more.

What was the award ceremony like?

We decided to take as many people from Appraisd as possible to enjoy the experience which meant we had a large presence on the day. It was great fun, a chance for the team to forget what is happening in the country and take the time to celebrate what we’ve achieved together. We managed to get everyone on stage to receive the award, which was great and reflected the award representing a real team effort.

I also met owners of some other very interesting businesses and I was particularly impressed with those who were doing great things to help environmental or social causes, such as NEMI Teas and The Boathouse Cafe and Bar. I’m keen for Appraisd to as sustainable an organisation as possible, so it was really inspiring to see the work being done by others in this area.

Does it give you confidence for the future?

Absolutely! I'm sure it'll help build our visibility amongst employers. It will also support our desire for Appraisd to be viewed as leaders in its field, bringing a fresh approach to performance management. These are uncertain times and this award gives us all some reassurance that we're doing something right.