Video calls for remote team one-to-ones

Elissa Dennis
17th September 2021
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Introducing a our brand-new feature to enhance remote reviews

Working life has changed dramatically over the past few weeks. As many people as possible are now working from home, having to get used to new practices, routines, and environments. The physical separation of managers and their direct reports means that they need to quickly find new ways to work effectively together.

We understand the strain this puts on organisations and have been working with our customers to make this transition as smooth as possible. We recently introduced a new Working from Home check-in form to help managers keep in touch with their employees, make sure they are coping with their workload and providing an opportunity to celebrate success. This has been positively received by many clients, so we’ve been looking for other ways to help.

Keeping in contact is really important in the current situation. We are happier and healthier when we are connecting with others face to face. Communication is far more effective if you can see the person who you are talking to. Observing facial expressions and body language adds vital context to what a person is saying, facilitating a much more meaningful conversation. This is why we have developed integrated video calling in Appraisd, so that reviews can be conducted in person, even though it’s not possible right now to be in the same room.

The new feature is extremely easy to use. This video from our Founder, Roly Walter, shows just how quick and simple it is to get up and running. We know many of you are using other video conferencing apps, but in our trails having the video integrated on the reviews page made the whole process much more seamless. Not having to switching between applications reduced distractions and allowed everyone to fully concentrate on the conversation.

We know just how tough it is for our customers at the moment so we're offering this for free to all our clients for the next three months. After this, we’ll be reviewing the feature and asking for your feedback on how you found using it. Appraisd is all about evolving to support genuine customer need, it’s your requirements that are the heart of our development.

It's possible that after this initial trail, we may need to charge an additional fee to support video and, of course, like all experimental features, it could be withdrawn completely if clients don’t find it useful.

We hope this innovation will make conducting your reviews that little bit easier. Our help page provides full details of how to make the most of video calling on Appraisd. As always, if you need more assistance, our Customer Success team is available to help via online chat or at