Weekly 'Working from home' engagement check-ins on Appraisd

7th April 2020

At Appraisd, we've always welcomed our employees working remotely. We already had measures in place so that those at home could work effectively alongside their team in the office.

But now that everyone is working from home full time, we face different challenges. Like many of our clients, we were wondering how we could continue to engage the team and ensure that we were all communicating in the best possible ways.

To help managers keep in contact with their team members and see how they are coping, we created a weekly working from home check-in form. We've found that the check-in allows managers to better understand their team members’ workloads and any personal or practical obstacles they may be facing now that they are working remotely on a full-time basis.

We've made our working from home check-in available to all clients to add to their account easily, today.

The check-in consists of four parts:

  • An introductory section that highlights the importance of mental health and encourages employees to discuss any concerns they may have. This section points employees in the direction of listening services and the Mental Health at Work website. It can be customised to include any organisational help services or benefits you may already have in place for employees.
  • The wellbeing section of the form encourages employees to share how they are feeling and can be a good way to identify any worries or concerns your team may have.
  • Employees can make notes on what they have been working on and input any progress updates for outstanding objectives in the work section. They can also note down any practical improvements that could help, for example, if they require any additional equipment.
  • Colleagues who have been particularly helpful can be nominated in the feedback section for managers to recognise the positive contributions of their team. Employees can also provide any general feedback or recommendations on making remote working easier.

The check-in form shouldn't take more than a few minutes to complete and can be enabled on your account using the working from home banner.

Enabling this feature will also enable check-ins if you aren't currently using them. So if you don’t currently have check-ins enabled, view our overview on check-ins.

Some other ideas we've tried out to keep up team communication and morale include:

  • An afternoon ‘teatime’ call with the whole team to discuss any projects we have been working on and just to have a chat
  • Playing some online team games together

We really hope you find this form as useful as we do. If you need any help rolling out Working from home check-ins or would like any assistance implementing any new features to adapt your performance management approach to the current situation, please get in touch with our Customer Success team through the usual channels.