Appraisd Sub-Processors

Updated 1 Nov 2020

The following sub-processors are used in providing the Appraisd Services to our clients and prospective clients.


Purpose of PII processing

Additional notes

Microsoft Azure UK


Provide web app services, data storage, backup, logging and auditing

Data includes all customer information including names, email addresses, logging, appraisal, feedback and objectives data. Data stored in the UK

Sparkpost, USA and EU


Sending alert and reminder emails to Appraisd users

Email content is not stored except for short term cache. Email addresses are stored for reporting purposes. Data is stored in the EU under EU SCC's unless USA hosting has been arranged for the customer.

Pipedrive, USA


A CRM tool to maintain a record of change requests, updates from clients and demos requested

Data includes, name, email addresses, contents of emails sent to/from Appraisd personnel, typically to the customer's HR administrators during the sale, onboarding and account management processes. Data stored in Germany under EU SCC's.

Google Apps

Emails received and sent by Appraisd staff

Data stored worldwide under EU SCCs.


Email and web chat support

Data includes email addresses, names and support query information. Data stored in the USA. Service Data is Processed by the Zendesk Group and its third party service providers in compliance with the EU SCCs.

Pipedrive Leadfeeder ( only)

User demographic tracking

Data includes IP address. Data stored in Germany under EU SCCs.


Email newsletters and marketing.

Data includes email addresses, emails sent to users and subscription preferences. Data stored in the USA under EU SCCs.


Internal communications.

Data includes names and email addresses. Data stored in the USA under EU SCCs.