Employee buy-in and engagement webinar
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How you can increase your employees' buy-in and engagement with performance management?

Part of our Appraisd Expert series

Appraisd’s Customer Success Lead Richard Brereton, CEO Roly Walter and Customer Success Manager Emily Birks delve into some of the insights taken from Appraisd Community launch event in March.

During this session, we gathered insights from our Community event into a discussion focusing on:

  • How to help employees engage with performance management?
  • How to gather honest feedback on your performance management process to improve it?
  • Common mistakes that can damage employee buy-in

Watch the webinar recording to find out more.

Presented by:

Richard Brereton
Richard Brereton
Head of Customer Success, Appraisd

Appraisd's Customer Success Lead, Richard Brereton, brings five years of invaluable experience to the role. As the head of the Customer Success Team, Richard is dedicated to helping clients achieve their desired outcomes and maximise the value they receive from Appraisd. With a background as a Customer Success Manager, Richard possesses a deep understanding of client needs and a proven track record of building strong relationships. Prior to joining Appraisd, Richard honed his expertise in Business Development and Account Management across diverse sectors. With a passion for driving success and empowering clients, Richard plays a pivotal role in ensuring Appraisd's customers thrive and flourish.

Emily Birks
Emily Birks
Customer Sucess Manager

Meet Emily Birks, a dedicated Customer Success Manager at Appraisd, with over 2.5 years of experience. She epitomises a customer-centric approach by consistently placing her clients' needs and goals at the forefront of her work.

Emily's core mission centres on facilitating her clients' success. She celebrates their achievements and goes the extra mile to ensure they reach their desired outcomes. Her true passion lies in assisting businesses with employee development, aligning it seamlessly with their organisational goals.

With her commitment to client success and a sincere dedication to enhancing businesses through employee development, Emily Birks is a valuable asset to the Appraisd Team and a trusted partner for her clients.

Roly Walter
Roly Walter
Founder and CEO

Roly launched online performance management system Appraisd in 2012. Since then, it has been adopted by hundreds of businesses and is used by tens of thousands of employees around the world. Roly began his career as a Business Analyst at Goldman Sachs designing global online HR tools. It was this experience that inspired him to design and launch Appraisd.

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Emily Birks
Emily Birks
Customer Sucess Manager
11 May