Pricing plans

Get your organisation's performance management journey up and running with a solution that is tailored to YOUR needs and dedicated success managers committed to support your business.

Everything growing companies with 1-100 employees need to help people perform at their best.
Ideal for businesses with 100-200 employees that want to ensure alignment with business goals.
For organisations with 200+ employees that need enhanced security, compliance, and flexible customisation.
Additional support and flexible pricing available for enterprise customers above 5000 employees.

How much does it cost?

Total licence fees:
per year
Average price per employee per month:

Our pricing explained

  • We have a minimum annual fee of £3,600. This means if you have up to 50 employees you will pay this price and sign up with Appraisd for two years.
  • The cost for between 50 and 100 employees is £6 per employee per month.
  • The cost for the first 50 employees = £3,600 per year.
  • The cost for the next 50 employees is £6 per employee per month = £3,600 per year.
  • The cost for between 100 and 200 employees is £4 per employee per month, so the cost for the additional employees = £48 per year.
  • The cost for the first 50 employees = £3,600 per year
  • The cost for the next 50 employees is £6 per employee per month = £3,600 per year.
  • The cost for for the next 100 employees is £4 per employee per month, so the cost for the additional employee = £4,800per year.
  • The cost for any employee above 200 employees is £3 per employee per month, so the cost for the additional employees is £36 per year.

Customized pricing for enterprise customers.

All contracts are billed annually, with a minimum 2 year contract.

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All standard features are always included. The price you pay per employee will only vary if you move to a different plan.

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Fully customisable

Tailor Appraisd to your business needs. Add or remove features as you need them, when you need them at no extra charge.

Integrate Appraisd with the software you currently have, from HRIS tools to communication tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams, or enhance reporting by integrating with tools such as Microsoft Power BI

Dedicated customer success manager

We pride ourselves on becoming your partner, not just your tool, this is why our business has been built on recommendations from happy customers.

We strive to provide dedicated support to each and every  customer. You will be allocated a specific Customer Success Manager from our experienced team. We will help you set up your account, make updates, offer advice and support you entire journey. Excellent service, no hidden charges.

Plan for success from day one

When you onboard Appraisd, your Customer Success Manager will work with you on your Performance Management Success Plan.

We’ll help you identify the outcomes you want to achieve, linking your performance management process to your strategic business goals, ensuring Appraisd is set up to deliver these.

Always included

All standard features to drive performance, alignment and progression in your organisation


Drive excellence with a tailored performance management process

  • Performance reviews
  • Regular check-ins
  • Custom templates and workflows
  • Continuous instant feedback
  • 360° structured feedback
  • Calibrations
  • Calculated ratings
  • Probation reviews

Provide purpose and direction with clear objectives

  • Objectives, OKR’s and goal setting
  • Milestones, action and updates
  • Progress check-ins
  • Align to company values
  • Recognition and shout-outs
  • Ask for feedback

Retain talent with people-focused progression

  • Development plans and needs analysis
  • Competencies and skills
  • Praise and recognition
  • Career conversations
  • Compensation reviews
  • 9-box performance/potential grid
  • Coaching plans

Scale performance management across your organisation with these premium add-on features

Let's talk
  • Online webinars and tailor-made onboarding videos
  • On-site training
  • Historical data import from previous systems
  • Multiple languages
Everything you need to

Execute on strategic goals and retain your best people

Teams and Slack apps
Standard HRIS user-sync
Custom reports
3rd-party KPI dashboard embedding
Personal notes
Exit interviews
SSO/SAML/MFA integration
Brand platform customisation (logo and styling)
UK hosting (as standard)
Phone, email and instant chat support pre and post-launch
Dedicated customer success team with regular solution review
GDPR compliant and ISO 27001:2017 security certified
Combine Appraisd data with data from other sources ((ERP system/PowerBI/Data Studio reports and dashboards))
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Lauren BarberLauren Barber

Through check-ins with my coordinator where I can ask for guidance or share ideas, I’ve been able to keep focused and remain productive.

Lauren Barber
Learning & Development Administrator
Lauren BarberLauren Barber

Our account manager Ros has been brilliant. She is helpful, knowledgeable and fantastic to work with

Lauren Barber
Learning & Development Administrator
Sallyanne FraserSallyanne Fraser

I’ve been so impressed by Appraisd's responsive and collaborative approach that I’ve recommended it to ARAG divisions in other countries. ARAG Ireland are now using Appraisd and ARAG Canada are seriously considering it for their operation.

Sallyanne Fraser
Organisation Development Advisor
Anna FletcherAnna Fletcher

Rolling out and embedding employee development road maps has been a priority for Microbyte over the last few years. Appraisd has given us the firm foundations to build these upon and without it the rest of our plans would not be possible.

Anna Fletcher
General Manager
Kavita ShergillKavita Shergill

Our employees want to know how they are doing and what they can do to develop further. We want our employees to be totally comfortable with being themselves and be open about their hopes and dreams

Kavita Shergill
Head of Talent

Work with real people

All Appraisd customers are allocated a dedicated Customer Success Manager that will work with you from day one. Regardless of where you are in your performance management journey, just starting up or ready for the next level, your Customer Success Manager is ready to make sure you get the most from Appraisd.

They can offer advice and real-life examples on how you can use Appraisd to achieve the outcomes you want. With their support, you can customise your solution to what you need.

We offer support for UK, EU and US time zones, comprehensive success plans, and first-line web chat assistance for managers and employees. Speak with our team to learn more.

Development team in the office
Customer support team
  • Support UK, EU and US time zones
  • Comprehensive success plans
  • Dedicated customer support manager
Leading organisations choose Appraisd

Pricing FAQs

Is our data secure?

Absolutely. We care deeply about data privacy and our security practices are benchmarked against leading industry standards. To view our privacy policy and the steps we take to keep your data secure: Security policy, Privacy policy, GDPR compliance and Appraisd

When will I get billed?

Appraisd is billed annually, on the anniversary of when you sign your contract. You Customer Success Manager will contact you three months prior to your renewal date to remind you when the invoice will be coming.

How is the pricing calculated?

Appraisd pricing is cumulative. Our prices are calculated the following way:

First 50 employees: Minimum annual agreement of £ 3,600 per annum
Extra 50+ to 100 employees: £6 per employee per month
Extra 100+ to 200 employees:  £4 per employee per month
Extra 200+ employees: £3 per employee per month
Flexible pricing for enterprise customers with large number of employees

Calculate your organisation price by using our pricing calculator

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel a subscription by emailing your account manager to provide written notice of cancellation. Cancellations will need to be submitted 30 days before the renewal date.

Is it easy to switch from our current performance software?

Yes, you can be up and running on Appraisd in just a few days. We’ve helped hundreds of clients make the switch and we make the process as simple and easy as possible. If you need any help, our team is available to support you every step of the way.