Business and Consulting Services Boosting Performance, Alignment and Employee Progression in Corporate Performance Management

Consulting and professional services businesses benefit from staying at the leading edge of performance management. By using the latest innovations in corporate performance management software, they boost talent retention, and performance.

Corporate performance management in Appraisd performance management software.
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Setting managers and employees up for success with corporate performance management

In organisations with highly ambitious and aspirational workforces, demonstrating a path to career growth is critical. But, in businesses where work is largely project-based and reporting lines are complex, providing a real-time view of performance can be challenging. At Appraisd we’re trusted by business and consulting services to provide performance management that fits their business model.

Company performance management for even the most complex businesses

At Appraisd we’re process-agnostic, meaning we can accommodate any performance management process, whether it be an innovative leading-edge approach, or the need for project-based reviews. If you need reviews from multiple internal and external stakeholders, Appraisd can flex to fit. If you want automated triggers for reviews and set timeframes for meetings, Appraisd can help. Find out how we help even the most complex businesses manage performance.

A company performance management system that fits your business

Appraisd can accommodate even the most innovative new approaches to corporate performance management.
Multiple ratings for calibration
Make calibration simple by collecting ratings from multiple reviewers such as line managers, project managers and mentors.
Project-based performance management
Add pre-, mid- and post-project reviews for a full 360 view from internal and external stakeholders.
Import key information
Make light work of business performance measurement and management by importing Excel files to schedule meetings in specified timeframes with named reviewers.
Top level security
Accessed via secure single-sign, Appraisd protects your data with the latest technology and security certifications.

Manage performance project by project

Getting insight into performance when employees work on a project basis can result in piecemeal reviews and gaps in information. Appraisd’s APIs can automate pre-, mid- or post-project reviews based on predefined triggers.

Manage performance project by project in Appraisd performance software

Support the development of hi-potentials

When employees are ambitious and aspirational, good performance management can make all the difference to retention. Support career development and identify high-potential employees using Appraisd for business performance management.

Support the development of hi-potentials in Appraisd performance software

Get a fair and robust 360 view of performance

Gathering reviews from multiple reviewers can end in email trails and reams of paper. Appraisd can accommodate multiple reviews and ratings from managers, project leaders, coaches and mentors.

Get a fair and robust 360 view of performance in Appraisd performance software

Collate all types of performance conversation

Ranging from regular 1:1s to annual pay reviews, performance management in business can take many forms. Appraisd can support processes that are connected to calibration or pay, as well as purely development-based reviews and conversations.

Collate all types of performance conversation in Appraisd performance software

Use our customer success team to evolve your process

Business advisory and consulting businesses are often at the leading edge when it comes to their company performance management system. Appraisd can support your current process even if you know it needs to change. Together with our team, you can adopt new features or adjust them over time as your process evolves.

Use our customer success team to evolve your process

A company performance management to fit your plans

“Rolling out and embedding employee development roadmaps has been a priority for Microbyte over the last few years. Appraisd has given us the firm foundations to build these upon and without it the rest of our plans would not be possible.”

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Anna Fletcher
General Manager at Microbyte

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