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Appraisd offers continuous talent management that helps you develop your talent and retain your top performers

Retain talent with people-focused progression

How Appraisd helps your business achieve its goals

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Talent Profiling

Identify, develop and retain your highest-potential people

The long-term success of your organisation depends on your ability to identify, develop and retain your highest-potential people - and provide coaching to those who need a little more support.

Appraisd keeps progression front-of-mind for managers, helping them to score the performance and potential of their team. Admin-level reporting gives your HR team complete oversight, helping your organisation to uncover the next generation of leadership, and plan for a successful future.

Foster ongoing career conversations that encourage clear goal setting
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Career Conversations

Foster ongoing career conversations that encourage clear goal setting

Your people reflect on their career development more than just once a year. To retain your standout performers, you need to show you value their progression as much as they do.

Appraisd allows your employees and managers to foster ongoing career conversations that encourage open dialogue and clear, development-oriented goal setting.

Profile picture of Sarah Smith

“The mindset of our workforce has completely changed. Now employees are coming to me asking about their development, rather than me pursuing them to get their reviews done. It is very much a two-way street, with everyone feeling more in control of their own careers.”

Sarah Smith
Office Manager, Duplo International
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Development Plans

Set clear milestones and timeframes for personal development

It’s important for your people to understand the steps they need to take, and the competencies they need to develop, in order to progress.

Whether it’s a vertical promotion, or a horizontal move to another department, Appraisd’s flexible development goals help employees and managers to set clear milestones and timeframes for personal development.

Leading organisations have 12,782 objectives being worked on in Appraisd

Talent development that works for you

Discussion templates
Create custom templates for career conversations
Development goals
Set clear milestones for employee progression and career goals
Profiling matrices
Identify high performers and future leaders as well as those who need more attention
Progress tracking
Track progress made on key development areas
360 Feedback
Help employees identify their key development areas for personal growth
HR reporting
Gain visibility of development needs and act accordingly

“We introduced monthly conversations as part of our new approach. This ensures a range of topics, such as development needs, career progression or wellbeing are discussed regularly.”

With the introduction of self-assessment reviews, employees feel empowered to have their say – conversations are now inclusive and collaborative, rather than a one-way from manager to employee.

Splash Damage
201-500 employees
Career progression and wellbeing with Appraisd and Splash Damage

Why leading organisations choose Appraisd

Shaped by your needs

Our platform is designed to fully accommodate your organisation’s culture and processes.

Adopted by your managers

Appraisd’s simple interface delivers clear value to managers and drives proactive behaviour.

Trusted by your employees

A dedicated performance and development tool, ensuring privacy and integrity in all the information it holds.

Frequently asked questions

What is talent management?

Talent management is the process of attracting, identifying, developing, engaging and retaining individuals who are particularly valuable to your organisation. When done correctly, talent management activities enable you to enhance employee performance, support organisational alignment with your strategic business goals and support employee progression.

What is talent development software?

A talent development system is an integrated software suite of tools and solutions that support core talent management processes, including talent development and retention. At Appraisd, our performance management system enables you to seamlessly integrate talent profiling, regular conversations and development plans — all under one platform.

What does a talent development system do?

Talent development systems are designed to support the core functions of talent management, including — but not limited to — employee onboarding, performance management, professional development and employee retention. At Appraisd, these processes and the tasks supporting them are integrated into a single performance management platform centred on three focus areas: Performance, Alignment and Progression. 

How does Appraisd support employee development and progression?

Our talent development software enables you to quickly identify people with the highest potential and provide coaching to those that need more support. Admin-level reporting lightens the burden on your HR team, allowing them to focus on strategic planning and support conversations for setting and reviewing goals for organisational success and skills development.

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