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We believe that everyone needs a great manager. So we created a home-grown performance management system that works for everyone.

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Our performance management solution

We believe that success is built on performance, alignment and progression.


Help employees and managers get the best from each other.


Work on goals that support the success of employees and the organisation.


Look after your people and their careers.

Appraisd’s performance management solution supports managers and employees so they can get the best from each other

Coaching conversations
What is the outcome you’re looking to achieve?
Tiana Baptista
I’ve been steadily improving in this area but appreciate I still have a lot to learn.
John Pritchard
A fantastic leader. They have a good working relationship with their team and makes sure everyone has enough support to reach their goals.
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Instil a culture of performance

Performance management isn’t just about managing poor performance. Help employees understand their performance and provide ongoing support.

  • Performance reviews
  • Coaching conversations
  • 360 Feedback
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Brilliant! Always great to start the week on a positive note. 💪

Help employees meet their career goals and those of the organisation

Establish clear goals, align them to organisational priorities and monitor progress throughout the organisation.

  • Objectives and goal setting
  • Manager check-ins
  • Admin reporting
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26 May 2022
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People-centric talent development that aids retention

Make it easy for managers and HR to identify top performers, discuss growth opportunities and set clear development goals.

  • Talent profiling
  • Career conversations
  • Development plans

You need a solution that works for you

Take our solution out of the box or work with our team to make it fit your organisation.


Our performance management platform can accommodate any performance management process.

Grows with your business

Adopt new features as your enterprise performance management process evolves over time.

Simple implementation

You’ll be up and running quickly, saving time and feeling the benefits as soon as you’re online.

We're human

Our customers has a named Customer Success Manager to support them with implementation and beyond.

Profile picture Katie Woods-Ruddick

“We wanted an easy-to-use, flexible system that allows us to facilitate conversations and Appraisd is fantastic at this. Equally, it’s about being part of a community of like-minded people who know the status quo of performance management isn’t good enough.”

Katie Woods-Ruddick
CPO at PX Group
We’re Human

We’re not a faceless technology company

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Up your game

If you have a new CEO, new strategy, new objectives and need to up your performance management game we’re here to help – even if you don’t know what you need.

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Get to know us

We’re human - contact us for support, attend our community events, meet other customers in similar situations.

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We’re long-established, independent and founder-led, not PE or VC owned. No robots here. Just good people, who know lots about performance management.

Appraisd Customer Success Managers

Named Customer Success Manager

All our clients have a named Customer Success Manager who translates their needs into the Appraisd’s performance management software.

Appraisd integrates with your HRIS

Appraisd performance management software tools work seamlessly with popular applications such as Breathe HR, Bamboo HR, HiBob and many more.

Performance reviews and check-ins completed
Organisations adopting 360 Feedback
Updates to objectives and personal development plans

Organisations achieve cultural transformation with Appraisd

“When I joined the HR team at the start of the year, we already had in mind that we wanted employees to enjoy their reviews more and see the positive benefits in them, rather than fear or dread the process. With Appraisd we had the right tool in place.”

Jamie O'Connor
Jamie O’Connor
Learning and Development Partner at MullenLowe
MullenLowe Group
Jamie O’Connor
Learning and Development Partner at MullenLowe

Frequently asked questions about performance management software

What is employee performance management?

Employee performance management is the process of aligning an organisation's goals with employees’ skills, competencies and development plans. Appraisd’s dedicated performance management platform supports this process, digitally transforming your HR and administrative tasks, making enterprise performance management faster and more efficient.

Why is performance management important?

Your people are your most important assets. Maximising their potential is vital to the success of your business. Using Appraisd to support your performance management process enables you to bring out the best in your employees, aligning their goals with your strategic objectives and enhancing their development to drive and sustain results.

How can you manage employee performance?

At Appraisd, our approach to employee performance management centres on three focus areas: Performance, Alignment and Progression. These three elements are essential for ensuring your employees maximise their potential and you retain the best talent.

What are performance management tools?

Performance management software tools are HR software applications that enable organisations to automatically track, manage and review employee performance against individual objectives. Appraisd is an example of a performance management software tool designed to align employee performance with organisational goals.

What are the challenges of an enterprise performance management platform?

Some pitfalls of implementing a performance management system include poor integration and lack of organisational buy-in. At Appraisd, we work hard to ensure our performance management platform is as easy and simple to use as possible. Employees can easily navigate it; managers feel supported by it and senior leaders get the insights they need to drive the business forward.

How can you introduce a performance management software in an organisation?

At Appraisd, we work with our clients to understand how our performance management platform can address their needs and priorities and transform their current processes. After finding out your specific requirements, we can take you and your team through how Appraisd works so you can see for yourself the benefits it can bring to your business.

What is the purpose of a performance management platform?

A dedicated performance management platform digitally transforms your HR and administrative tasks and aligns your employee performance targets with your organisational objectives and goals. At Appraisd, our performance management solution automates manual processes, reduces the burden on your HR team, and engages employees and managers in achieving their goals and developing their skills.