Align staff performance with your purpose and business objectives

Appraisd is the agile staff performance management platform that helps your people to set direction and provides high-level oversight.

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How Appraisd helps your business achieve its goals

Anna Bradshaw’s objectives
Are any falling behind? Which are inspiring you and which not? Why?
On track
3 Jun, 2022
Review marketing strategy
Present results to the board by the end of Q2
Gather and respond to feedback
Off track
3 Jun, 2022
Organise anti-money laundering workshop
Find training providers and set up training with HR team
New objective
Increase global profit margin by 12% by 2023
Objectives and Goal Setting

Ensure everyone is working towards your strategic objectives

OKRs, SMART objectives, Rocks—having clear goals provides employees with a sense of purpose, and drives both heightened ownership and performance.

Appraisd makes it easy for people to see how their work contributes to the wider goals of the organisation. Whenever an employee or manager submits an objective in Appraisd, they’re prompted to align it to a higher-level strategic goal—ensuring the successful execution of your strategy.

Anna Bradshaw
Last online: 3 days ago
Start a check-in
Year-end review
31 Dec, 2023
Request feedback
Development goals
Manager Check-Ins

Promote agility and adapt to unforeseen challenges

Objectives are bound to fail if you only review them once a year. You miss out on opportunities to adapt or improve them, or worse yet, you forget about them entirely.

Appraisd encourages employees and managers to regularly review objectives together. With check-ins, your people can coordinate conversations and discuss progress updates, track completion statuses, and break larger challenges into manageable milestones.

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“The appraisal system and check-ins features are easy to use and have helped our appraisers and appraisees have full visibility so they can track their performance against company objectives and values.”

Neil Wainwright-Farrar
Head of Learning & Development, Clarity Travel
Report on performance and progress across your organisation
Scores and comments
Self assessment
Admin Reporting

Report on performance and progress across your organisation

As an administrator, it’s important for you to understand what’s happening in your organisation.

Whether you want an overview of every objective that your people are working on, or need to know that performance conversations are taking place—Appraisd makes it easy for you to extract and export the answers.

Leading organisations have 12,782 objectives
being worked on in Appraisd

Goal setting that works for you

Set goals your way, including OKRs, SMART objectives and V2MOMs
Strategic goals
Align individual objectives to your organisation’s strategic goals
Priorities and milestones
Establish priority objectives and break larger challenges into smaller milestones
Progress tracking
Track progress with status updates and completion indicators
Contribute to shared objectives and collaborate as a team
Maintain momentum and keep everyone in your team aligned

“For line managers, being able to view objectives and other activities for the whole team is a huge advantage that has never been possible before. This will help them identify needs and put plans in place to address them in a much speedier and effective way.”

Customer profile picture of Rachael
Rachel Broome
Former Director of Learning and Development, Aster Group
Aster Group
1,001-5,000 employees
Implementing Appraisd at Aster Group

Why leading organisationa choose Appraisd for staff performance management

Shaped by your needs

Our platform is designed to fully accommodate your organisation’s culture and processes.

Adopted by your managers

Appraisd’s simple interface delivers clear value to managers and drives proactive behaviour.

Trusted by your employees

A dedicated performance and development tool, ensuring privacy and integrity in all the information it holds.

Frequently asked questions

What is staff performance management?

Staff performance management refers to a range of activities that maximise the value employees create. At Appraisd, our staff performance management platform supports the process of enhancing and maintaining employees’ performance by aligning their skills, competencies and progression with your organisation's business goals and objectives.

What is a staff performance management system?

Staff performance management systems refer to various software and tools designed to digitise, automate and simplify performance management. Appraisd’s staff performance management platform digitally transforms your HR and administrative processes and aligns employee performance and progression with your business goals.

Why is staff performance management important?

Effective staff performance management is critical to business success. It ensures your employees receive clear direction and the opportunity to develop their skills and reach their full potential. Staff performance management also enables your business to leverage your employees’ performance and growth to drive your business forward and achieve your goals.

How does Appraisd align staff performance management with your business goals?

At Appraisd, our approach to performance management focuses on three key areas: Performance, Alignment and Progression. This three-pronged approach enables you to manage and review performance against your employees’ individual objectives and business targets.

What can you do with Appraisd’s staff performance management system?

Appraisd lets you digitally transform staff performance according to your organisation’s culture and processes. Set objectives and regularly review and manage them alongside employees through convenient check-ins that work for everyone. Coordinate conversations between workers and managers, discuss employees’ progress and track performance against milestones to generate real and measurable results.

How do you set performance goals and objectives on Appraisd?

With Appraisd, you can set goals for your employees and business that work for everyone. Use our staff performance management to set custom goals your way — including OKRs, SMART goals, and V2MOMs. Identify priority objectives, break down large challenges into milestones, and track your teams’ progress with updates and completion alerts.

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