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Our story

Initiating valuable, purposeful conversations since 2012

Appraisd is the creation of Roly Walter, who combined his experience working as an HR Business Analyst with his interest in technology to build the first iteration of a new performance management system.

He was obsessed with the idea of a resolutely employee-first approach to performance and development; something that employees would find genuinely useful, something HR would be proud of implementing and something managers would find a relief from the tired and out-dated appraisal forms they were used to.

Our Beliefs

The success of our customers shapes our future

Right from the beginning, we have seen customers as partners. We’re not interested in short-term gains; we want to provide employers something that is useful now and remains so in the years to come. Performance management is not a “once and done” activity, it is a living, breathing thing that changes and grows along with an organisation. We are here to work alongside our customers, helping and advising them how to keep their approach relevant and fresh.

Many of the features added to Appraisd have been a result of our regular conversations with customers. Their feedback is our compass, guiding us to create a genuinely useful product. It opens our eyes to what is relevant and necessary, steering us away from developments that might look good but offer little real value.

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Our values

We’re driven by our values


We like to be helpful to our customers and their employees. Communicate openly and honestly. We take responsibility individually and collectively.


We're always learning and we know others are too. We trust others to do their best and assume positive intent, but we don't mind being questioned.


Because life is pretty dull without it! We bring passion into what we do and strive to share it with others, colleagues, customers and the industry.


Quite often in life, you just have to get on with it. We encourage autonomy in others, and we don't make people afraid to make mistakes.

100% commitment

We're choosing to commit 100% to the company's purpose, our customers, and to these values.

Meet the people who make it all possible

Phil Durrant
Technology Lead
Leonardo Martinez Solarte
Full Stack Developer
CBO “Chief Barking Officer”
Jo Rogers
Sam Bowden-Williams
Software Engineer
Roly Walter
Founder and CEO
Fabio Lolli
Senior Software Developer
Dave Zoellner
Technical Support Specialist
Rosalind Bygott
Customer Success Manager
Alex King
Product and Release Manager
Emily Birks
Customer Success Manager
Kalun Wong
Software Developer
Catarina Mendes
Digital Marketing Manager
Richard Brereton
Customer Success Lead
Emma Davies
Marketing Director

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