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How to Create a Performance Management Strategy That Accelerates Growth from Within

A joint webinar with 360Learning and Appraisd - Webinar recording

Hosted by 360 Feedback, this webinar joined together Jessie Jensen, HR Director and Business Partner at 360Learning, and Amira Kohler, Director of Performance and Change at Appraisd, in a session on building a performance management strategy for turbulent times.  

Watch the recording to learn more about:

  • Why developing existing talent is key in today’s economic climate
  • The journey from conventional to continuous performance management - what it looks like and why it matters
  • Why decentralised learning is key to performance improvement
  • How to encourage a culture of collaboration through peer-guided learning and peer reviews

Webinar presenters and guests:

Amira Kohler
Amira Kohler
Director of Performance and Change at Appraisd

Amira is a true performance management and change management expert with a fresh voice and informed views.

Amira has worked for 30 years to help companies optimise organisational and employee performance. She has experienced the subject from every possible angle, from designing and delivering performance solutions to the programme management of global software implementations.

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Amira Kohler
Amira Kohler
Director of Performance and Change at Appraisd
14 Mar