360-Degree Feedback

Transform workplace culture with 360-degree feedback

Let employees know how well they are performing, reinforce positive behaviour and enable peer-to-peer recognition

Leading organisations trust Appraisd
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People in the office using Appraisd performance management system
Leading organisations trust Appraisd
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"Appraisd has helped our company create a better culture of feedback"
Rated 4.7/5 on G2
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“Employees are able to give instant feedback to other colleagues, brilliant for team work"
Rated 4.6/5 on Capterra
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“Users can give informal feedback that can be used as a part of the annual review process.”
Rated 5/5 on Serchen

Can 360-degree feedback drive culture change?

By embedding 360-degree feedback into their performance management process organisations can:

  • Better understand individual performance
  • Empower employees to take control of their personal development
  • Get improved data to identify top performers
  • Increase collaboration, teamwork and transparency between employees, teams and departments
  • Uncover and address organisational inefficiencies that may be limiting growth


Develop a culture of feedback with Appraisd - The leading performance management solution

Build a culture of feedback

Make feedback easy to give and received at all times

Transform workplace culture encouraging feedback and collaboration

  • Give and request instant feedback
  • Easily include peer-to-peer feedback in performance reviews
  • Request feedback from external sources such as vendors or customers
Build a culture of feedback in Appraisd performance management platform
Give praise and recognition

Drive employee engagement and motivation

Build a culture that rewards success

  • Show employees how they contribute to the success of the business
  • Align individual career growth objectives to strategic goals
  • Create a positive environment by promoting great work
Give praise and recognition in Appraisd performance management platform
Tailored to your business

Adapt performance reviews to meet the needs of your business

Find the approach that works for you

  • Create tailored templates
  • Build a library of templates to suit each region, department or team
  • Use the language that reflects your culture and approach
Performance reviews in Appraisd performance management platform
Support managers better

Provide an easy-to-follow framework

Help managers put employees in the picture

  • Create a consistent process across the organisation
  • Make feedback quick and easy to give
  • Build it into the fabric of your organisation
Automated review cycles in Appraisd performance management platform
Emmett Pink

The system's feature of capturing feedback is particularly useful for in-the-moment feedback to ensure that comments are timely and passed on to management.

Emmett Pink
Former Head of Learning & Development at Oliver

Everything you need to achieve strategic goals, drive change and foster meaningful conversations

Phone, email and instant chat support pre and post-launch

GDPR compliant and ISO 27001:2017 security certificate

Dedicated customer success contact whenever you need support

Integration with popular HR and comms tools like Slack and Teams

Frequently asked questions

What is performance management software?

Performance management software refers to a range of tools and solutions designed to make the process of performance management easier, quicker and more consistent. At Appraisd, our performance management platform helps  to reduce HR admin and provides a framework to facilitate better organisational alignment between employee performance, talent management and business goals.

Why is performance management important?

Employees want to have a clear focus and the opportunity to develop their skills. Performance management provides this plus it enables you to align your employees’ skills, competencies and talent development with your business goals, ensuring the success of your people and organisation.

How can you evaluate employee performance?

One of the simplest ways to track, measure and review performance management in your organisation is to adopt a dedicated performance management platform like Appraisd. Our software introduces automated scheduling, structured performance reviews, coaching conversations and 360 feedback into your processes — enabling the right conversations at the right time between employees and managers. 

What is the purpose of performance management?

Performance management ensures everyone is on the same page. It provides a framework to ensure everyone is focused on the objectives that will drive the business forward. The success of your employees rests on them feeling that what they are doing is both valuable and valued.

A performance management platform like Appraisd enables you to help teams understand and take ownership of their performance and productivity and create a culture of accountability, through regular reviews, check-ins and feedback.

How can you manage employee performance?

At Appraisd, our dedicated performance management platform helps managers to develop and motivate employees, wherever they are based. Each business has different needs and a different culture. Appraisd has the flexibility to support the performance management process that suits these needs. Features like performance reviews and 360 feedback provide the framework for better conversations, timely feedback and improved talent development.

What is a performance management system?

At its simplest, a performance management system enables organisations to identify, measure, review and reward the outcomes of employees’ work. Generally speaking, an employee performance management system enables regular reviews to discuss objectives, opportunities for managers and employees to stay connected through frequent check-ins and timely feedback.

How can you implement performance management?

Organisations can no longer afford to settle for spreadsheets and manual processes when managing employee performance. Our dedicated performance management platform integrates performance reviews, automated scheduling, coaching conversations and 360 feedback into your management processes. These ensure employees have clear objectives that are aligned with business strategy and have the opportunity to develop and progress within the organisation.

Leading organisations trust Appraisd
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