Performance management strategy deep-dive

Accelerator Workshop

Get your leaders on-board and inspired by a revitalised performance management process that's been designed by your business, for your business

Generally the session was really good, as we could discuss some doubts with Amira and she asked great questions and had great observations. So I can truly say, I liked the session.

Iwona Kozak
Iwona Kozak
Regional HR Director EMEA at The Ironman Group

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Identify and expand your business strengths

Performance management is unique as a business tool because of its huge reach and impact. It is one of the few business tools that affects everybody in an organisation.

So it follows that most organisations will have taken the time to deliberately design a performance management process that perfectly suits their unique culture, business context and employees’ needs. Right? 


All too often companies have a performance management process that’s in place by default rather than by design. Often well-meaning but overworked HR teams implement an off-the-shelf ‘best practice’ performance management process, or adopt a process that someone used previously and hope that ‘one size fits all’.

As a result, many companies have processes which are ill-suited and over-complicated. No wonder employees and managers often hate it.

Despite HR’s very best intentions, performance management often feels like a ‘tick box’ exercise designed by and for HR. Rarely do employees and managers feel they get the same degree of value out of the process to match the amount of time and effort they are expected to put into it. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Make performance management a force for good in your company

Ensure your performance management process delivers for everyone: Senior leaders, HR, managers and employees.

We’ve developed a workshop methodology that’s designed to take you and your senior team on a journey, from performance management burnout to clarity, alignment and enthusiasm.

The workshop is designed to improve performance and engagement, eliminate wasteful, misaligned work and inspire and motivate managers to become leaders.

Our workshop methodology: 

The performance management strategy ‘Accelerator Workshop’ enables you to answer:

  1. What your ideal approach would achieve for your leaders and employees
  2. What is your current approach and process
  3. How closely they match – where are the gaps / issues
  4. Which priority areas to address
  5. How to get buy in from across the organisation

For a full detail of our workshop methodology download our Performance Management Strategy Workshop - Info Sheet (PDF)

What you will achieve:

  • Identify the company’s ideal performance management approach and vision
  • Establish how well the current process serves the aspirational vision and purpose
  • Prioritise areas of focus and improvement
  • Develop a realistic action plan to optimise your performance management approach

We bring deep knowledge and expertise to the performance management conundrum

Appraisd workshop is led and delivered by: 

Amira Kohler, Director of Performance and Change at Appraisd

Amira is a true performance management and change management expert with a fresh voice and informed views. She has worked for 30 years to help companies optimise organisational and employee performance. She has experienced the subject from every possible angle, from designing and delivering performance solutions to the programme management of global software implementations.

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Who is this workshop for?

Just starting out

Businesses who have no clear performance management process and want to build one from scratch.

Hit a bump in the road

Businesses who aren’t getting results from their current processes and want to revamp it.

Ready for  the next level

Businesses who want to expand on their existing processes but are not sure what will add most value.

From businesses looking to implement their first performance management process to those who want to revamp their existing one, we can help. Regardless of where you are on your performance management journey we have the expertise to elevate it to the next level.

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Create a performance management process that enables your business to thrive

Don’t wait until you’re buried in your next round of performance reviews. Act now and make your next performance management cycle your most effective yet!