Additional services

Richard Brereton
Richard Brereton
Customer Success Lead

Additional support we can offer at launch or from time to time

If you're completely snowed under, you may appreciate a bit of extra help from us. Here's an overview of the additional services on offer.

Custom training videos

We can provide short, engaging introduction videos customised to your account and your configuration.

We typically do two 3-minute videos: one for everyone and one for managers. The videos are hosted on Appraisd and pop up when people log in for the first time. They are then available under the menu to be viewed at any time.

Online staff training for groups

We offer 30 minute online training session using screen sharing for up to 10 people per session. Each session can be tailored for either employees or managers.

Face to face staff training

If you prefer training in person, we offer a 30 minute classroom-style session for up to 20 people per session; with a 15-minute break between the sessions. Assuming this COVID situation comes to an end!


Appraisd is available in languages other than UK and American English. We have some languages already set up, others can be commissioned. Since Appraisd is so easy to tailor, you'll probably want to translate parts of the system (goals, objectives, forms, feedback questions) yourself to match the terminology you use in your organisation.

Upload historical data

We can import your previous reviews and objectives so they are kept safely on Appraisd, easily accessible for anyone who wants to view them.

Custom integrations

We can help you connect Appraisd to your HRIS or other systems via our simple REST API. In some cases, we can build the connector for you, or simply give your internal team advice on how to do this best.

Customer Success consultancy

From time to time our clients ask us to visit them to facilitate workshops and attend decision-making or configuration meetings. Our Customer Success team can assist with:

  • Helping stakeholders reach agreement on how Appraisd should be configured using our experience gained from hundreds of other organisations
  • Planning project timelines
  • Developing internal communications and marketing materials
  • Advising on IT integrations

Further help

We're always willing to help give us a call on +44 (0) 20 7202 7979 or contact if you need more information.