Basic Appraisd package

Roly Walter
Roly Walter
Founder and CEO


  • One review form that you can modify and use for quarterly/biannual/annual reviews
  • Our 3 standard check-in forms that you can modify and use on an ad-hoc basis
  • Instant feedback using our standard configuration
  • Shout-outs with your values and using our standard permissions
  • Our standard objectives module with the ability to link to your company priorities
  • Our standard personal development module
  • All the standard reporting and admin features including saveable reports.
  • Team tab reports and hierarchy navigation
  • Teams and Slack apps
  • Login via Office365 or Google
  • Use our Academy to learn about Appraisd
  • Technical support via
  • Upload your logo
  • Personal notes
  • Up to 2 administrators

Not included:

  • 360 structured feedback (Instant feedback included only)
  • Hidden/talent reviews
  • Calculated scores and averages within forms, question weighting, alternative question visibility settings,
  • Job description module
  • Automated review cycles (reviews must be set up manually/in bulk)
  • HRIS integration
  • Support on HTML embeds
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Access to our API
  • Administration groups
  • Multiple rating types on questions