IT/Security info

Richard Brereton
Richard Brereton
Customer Success Lead

Everything your IT department needs to know

We've pulled together the key information you may need on the technical aspects of Appraisd. Our clients often send this to their IT department.

Appraisd system requirements

Appraisd is a SaaS system purchased on a user-license basis and hosted by Appraisd on MS Azure.

Users simply require an up-to-date, modern browser to access it such as Chrome, Edge (Edgium), Firefox, Safari and Opera.

Internet Explorer 11 is partially supported, but support will be withdrawn in due course.

Appraisd sends users email reminders and alerts and in some cases it's helpful to whitelist Appraisd servers.

Additional features

Aside from its browser interface, Appraisd offers a number of other optional interfaces that are included at no extra cost:

Security, privacy and data processing

Appraisd stores important, confidential information which is why we've attained ISO27001:2017 certification. You can download our certificate here.

Appraisd is hosted on Microsoft Azure in the UK, although USA and EU hosting is also available as an additional option.

Further help

We're always willing to speak to IT or Infosec managers to help them understand how Appraisd works. Please contact if you need more information.