Proof of concept (POC)

Richard Brereton
Richard Brereton
Customer Success Lead

A POC (Proof of concept) can be a useful way to ensure that Appraisd is the right system for you, and if you do deploy it further how to launch in the best way for maximum impact

What is a POC in practice?

  • 45 days in length
  • Up to 50 users
  • Success Plan drawn up with your account manager
  • Communications Plan that supports that user experience during the POC
  • Implementation, check up and evaluation meetings with your account manager
  • Full features of Appraisd available
  • Single Sign On setup

What makes a good POC?

A good POC will help you see how people will respond to your performance management ideas, how people will log in and use the system and if there are any issues that need to be addressed. Fundamentally it will give you a sense of how well Appraisd will work if you roll it out further and help you make the decision whether or not to proceed with a full roll out.

Typically, a POC reveals that Appraisd will be a great fit when combined with some other messaging and communications around performance management in general.

During the POC

During the POC, we recommend setting some simple tasks rather than trying to test every possible form or template. Good tasks for users to complete would include:

  • Set 3 objectives immediately
  • Have a check-in
  • Have a mock year-end review
  • Add a progress update to each objective
  • Send some instant feedback or praise

And additional tasks for managers:

  • Send instant feedback or praise to each team member
  • Review their objectives and add a comment to each
  • Use the Team tab to observe their engagement with each team member
  • Run a report on the responses to a single question in the check in form, such as "How productive do you feel you are when working from home? Do we need to do anything to support you further?"

Further help

We're always willing to help give us a call on +44 (0) 20 7202 7979 or contact if you need more information.