New starter: Emily Birks

Elissa Dennis
15th June 2021
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We are very excited to welcome Emily Birks, who joined our Customer Success team at the beginning of June. Emily joins us at an exciting time, with lots of new clients in the pipeline, new functionality in development and the prospect that we can return to the office in the not-too-distant future.

To help Emily prepare for answering lots of our clients’ questions, we asked a few of our own.

What attracted you to the role at Appraisd?

Firstly, it was the role itself which attracted me to Appraisd. I thoroughly enjoy interacting with clients, discussing their needs, and finding ways in which I can help them. I learnt so much at my previous employers and I’m so grateful for their support, however, I came to a point where I was ready to focus on my strengths and progress my career. Working as a Customer Success Manager seemed to be the right fit.

Secondly, I truly believe in the importance of personal development, in your work life and personal life. Appraisd offers companies the opportunity to support their employees at work and to show that their growth, development, and wellbeing are all valued. 

Thirdly, after speaking to some of the Appraisd team during the interviewing process, there was a sense of support, comradery, and passion. Working within a smaller organisation allows you to learn so much, have an impact and it is always exciting to be apart of a team where the business is growing.

What was your previous job?

I worked as Client Services and Marketing Manager at a character education management start-up. My job was very much B2C, recruitment and working within the media and marketing side of the business. We focused on supporting children with their personal development which included improving their confidence, resilience, collaboration, and leadership skills.

How did you find interviewing remotely for the job?

Going through the interview process remotely was unusual as in the past it had always been face-to face. But, having gone through a year of attending and leading meetings remotely, it has become very much the norm due to Covid-19. However, not being able to meet the team in person and visit the office before starting did make it a little harder to imagine what it would be like to be at Appraisd.

What has it been like joining with so many colleagues working remotely?

I was fortunate enough to have been able to visit the office on my first day and therefore was met with a warm welcome from some of my new team members. My line manager, Richard, was quick to book in calls with my new colleagues who are currently working remotely which was ideal. Since then, I’ve been coming into the office three times a week, so have been able to get a feel of the culture at Appraisd.

I must add that I’m very much looking forward to the team BBQ planned when restrictions are lifted, where all the team will be together!

What are you looking forward to most in this role?

I’m excited to be a part of the Customer Success team. Richard and Rosalind have been so accommodating, patient and supportive. I’m keen to learn from them and to continue to offer our clients exceptional support. Also, I look forward to meeting my clients and establishing great working relationships. I want my clients to see me as a trusted adviser who is here to help them ensure performance reviews have a positive impact within their organisations.

Have there been any surprises so far?

The complexities of the Appraisd software and how much there is to learn have been a little daunting. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to delve into something new and interesting, but it is a little intimidating. I’m slowing wrapping my head around everything – luckily, the team are very patient with me!

What are your first impressions of the office and Kentish Town?

I live in south London, therefore venturing up to north London has felt like an adventure. I love the buzz of Kentish Town and the many different independent food places (the team have already recommended a fair few that I should visit). On my first day I was taken to The Pineapple, a pub serving delicious Thai food near the office, which was a treat and I’ve been told we will be visiting it quite frequently. The office is light and airy. I also love the fact that Roly and the team are trying to be environmentally conscious - buying recyclable and sustainable products such as recycled sponges, sustainably sourced toilet rolls and using a renewable energy provider.

As an employee, what is the most important thing you think an employer can do to support employee development?

For me, it’s having frequent check-ins and ensuring that the employee feels comfortable to ask questions. Giving employees the opportunity to express any concerns, queries or discuss developmental goals is important as they feel listened to but also it allows the employer to understand how they can help the employee achieve their potential.