Making objectives meaningful

People need priorities to thrive. Make sure they’re clear on what’s important.

When you only look at your objectives once a year, they generally fail. Appraisd helps you set meaningful goals to be achieved over 3-12 months. Appraisd encourages you to enter small updates that keep the conversation going rather than wait for a big assessment.

Share and contribute goals

It’s so much easier to focus on a goal if you know why you’re doing it and what you need to do to move it forward.

Appraisd links objectives together to show how one action contributes to overall progress.

Case study:
How Exact implemented Salesforce’s V2MOM approach in Appraisd to realign priorities and focus effort

Little and often beats once a year

By adding progress updates and tracking completion status, manager and employee can keep each other up to date.

Milestones help break objectives up into practical steps and make it easy to measure progress.

Fantastic reports and insight

As an adminstrator, reporting on activity and objectives is essential. Appraisd makes it simple with different views, filters and export capabilites.

Make objectives work for you

The ability to customise the way your objectives work is essential to ensuring you get buy-in from senior stakeholders.


Do goals and objectives your way - from simple SMART objectives through to OKRs or V2MOMs

Priorities and goals

Support goals with measurable actions and milestones

Contribute and share

Explore and contribute to other people's objectives to create connections and make goals social

Strategic goals

Set top-level goals that help focus people's own objectives

Measuring progress

Track progress on objectives with status or completion indicators

Email alerts

Alerts help you increase momentum by reacting to updates made by your colleagues

The Customer Success team have always been on the other end of an email or telephone call straight away to help resolve anything

James Shambrook, Human Resources at Ravenscroft Group

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