Time and space to reflect and review

Sometimes it's good to reflect over the past month - or year. Appraisd can help your employees reflect on their progress and set goals for the future. Whether it's career planning, probation reviews, annual reflection or talent profiling, Appraisd has the reviews to suit you.

Reviews, the way you want them

Ad-hoc or cyclical reviews can be a useful marker point prompting longer-term planning and reflection. That’s where the multitude of configuration options comes in handy.

Bring insights to the surface

At Appraisd, we know it’s unwise to hope for overnight change. It takes time for people to change habits and get accustomed to new behaviours.

Appraisd can help you get a sense of the progress your organisation is making with insights and charts, helping you apply yourself to just those teams and functions that need a little extra help.

Automate review cycles

Does your sales team need a different process to your support team? Use review cycles in Appraisd to ensure everyone gets the review experience that's right for them.

Make check-ins work for you

Here are just some of the ways Appraisd can be tailored to fit your needs.

Build your own templates

With your own questions, text areas or multiple choice options.

Custom workflows

Keep it simple and involve only the people necessary.

Action points

Research shows 70%* of managers don’t follow up without them.

Ad-hoc or scheduled

Start your check-ins yourself or use a programmed schedule.

Choose your reviewer

Don’t just check in with your boss - do it with your matrix manager, coach, mentor...

Incorporate objectives

Make sure objectives or development plans are on the agenda.

We love how easy the platform is to use and the live chat is extremely helpful

Shelley Hance, Senior Vice President, Human Resources at Participant Media

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