Appraisd Academy for People Professionals

Roly Walter
Roly Walter
Founder and CEO

Are you new to Appraisd? Watch these videos to get a comprehensive overview of how to look after and get the best out of your system.

New to Appraisd? Start here

Why Appraisd?

Not sure what Appraisd has to offer? Start here

What's included for employees and managers?

Never seen Appraisd before? Here's an overview

Introduction to administration and reporting

Ok, so you need to know how to keep the system up to date and want to understand what people are doing and saying. Here's an introduction:

Customising Appraisd

How can you tailor Objectives for your company?

There are many ways to configure objectives and this video highlights several different options from simple to comprehensive.

What can you customise for the Personal Development goals or training needs?

Appraisd is highly flexible so you can create the perfect way of tracking training needs or personal development plans for you.

How Feedback can work for your company

Plus a recommendation on how to use feedback if you haven't used it before

Managing Appraisd day-to-day

How to keep your employee list up to date

If you have not integrated Appraisd with your HRIS, then you can add and update users manually or in bulk. Here's how.

How do you set up reviews for people? How do you automate this?

Check out the Review Groups feature which will create automated schedules - or set them up in bulk manually:

How do you edit and add forms/templates for reviews and check-ins?

If you're about to make changes, or want to know what options are available, watch this first.

How to get even more out of Appraisd

There are many ways to use Appraisd and as you get to know it, you'll see further opportunities for improving the system to get more value from it.

Please go to the Appraisd Community pages to find more useful content from our Customer Success team and also other customers of ours.