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The Community is designed to be a meeting place for our clients, offering access to additional resources and exclusive webinars and events centered around key topics in performance management.

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  • Regular online and offline sessions
  • Appraisd Experts Series
  • Panel discussions & interactive workshops
  • Customer Success Office Hours
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Our Appraisd Team will be hosting regular free sessions online and offline, which will include Appraisd Experts Series, panel discussions, client case studies, and workshops. We will also have Customer Success Office Hours for one-on-one or group discussions.

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Our Community is still in its early stages and we are committed to providing you with content and events that you are genuinely interested in. To help us achieve this, we'd love to hear from you with any requests or suggestions, via our form. We really value your input, and will make every effort to include your ideas in our future plans.

Upcoming community events & webinars

There are currently no upcoming community Webinars or Events
Check back in soon for more updates!
There are currently no upcoming community Webinars or Events
Check back in soon for more updates!
There are currently no upcoming community Webinars or Events
Check back in soon for more updates!


There are currently no exclusive videos for the community.

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Appraisd is not just a SaaS provider—we’re a trusted partner. Our Customer Success team will support you throughout your journey.

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We want the Appraisd Community to deliver the content that you are interested in so please send through any requests and we will do our best to accommodate them in the event schedule.

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Alex King
Alex King
Product and Release Manager

As a product manager at Appraisd, Alex brings over five years of experience with the company, including prior roles as a Customer Success Manager and onboarding specialist.

Before joining Appraisd, Alex was employee number one at two other startups, where he gained invaluable experience in building successful companies from the ground up. With a deep understanding of Appraisd's products and customers, Alex is dedicated to driving innovation and delivering exceptional user experiences.

Emily Birks
Emily Birks
Customer Success Manager

Meet Emily Birks, a dedicated Customer Success Manager at Appraisd, with over 2.5 years of experience.

She epitomises a customer-centric approach by consistently placing her clients' needs and goals at the forefront of her work.

Emily's core mission centres on facilitating her clients' success. She celebrates their achievements and goes the extra mile to ensure they reach their desired outcomes. Her true passion lies in assisting businesses with employee development, aligning it seamlessly with their organisational goals.

With her commitment to client success and a sincere dedication to enhancing businesses through employee development, Emily Birks is a valuable asset to the Appraisd Team and a trusted partner for her clients.

Rosalind Bygott
Rosalind Bygott
Customer Success Manager

Ros has been a Customer Success Manager at Appraisd for nearly five years.

She started her postgraduate life managing teams in a specialty coffee, gaining experience in relationship building and customer service. Along the journey to finding customer success, she also had a stint making canvas stretchers for artists and volunteering for a woman’s rights charity. You can now find her helping our clients achieve success with Appraisd throughout their time using our product.

Richard Brereton
Richard Brereton
Customer Success Lead

Appraisd's Customer Success Lead, Richard Brereton, brings five years of invaluable experience to the role.

As the head of the Customer Success Team, Richard is dedicated to helping clients achieve their desired outcomes and maximise the value they receive from Appraisd. With a background as a Customer Success Manager, Richard possesses a deep understanding of client needs and a proven track record of building strong relationships.

Prior to joining Appraisd, Richard honed his expertise in Business Development and Account Management across diverse sectors. With a passion for driving success and empowering clients, Richard plays a pivotal role in ensuring Appraisd's customers thrive and flourish.

Roly Walter
Roly Walter
Founder and CEO

Roly launched online performance management system Appraisd in 2012. Since then, it has been adopted by hundreds of businesses and is used by tens of thousands of employees around the world. Roly began his career as a Business Analyst at Goldman Sachs designing global online HR tools. It was this experience that inspired him to design and launch Appraisd.