Implementation Process

Richard Brereton
Richard Brereton
Customer Success Lead

Having a clearly defined implementation process helps to ensure maximum adoption and minimal headache

Here's an overview of the Appraisd implementation process. When you join Appraisd, you'll be given access to our full Implementation and Onboarding Guide which contains additional resources, tips on how to maximise adoption and technical detail on how to guarantee a straightforward and successful roll out.

1. Discuss requirements and goals

At this stage, your Customer Success Manager (CSM) will take the time to understand your overall goals. You'll be asked what sort of culture exists at your organisation, whether you'd like things to change, and how engaged managers are with your existing performance management process.

We will establish goals such as "Ensure everyone has a check-in at least once every two months" or "Improve employee engagement as measured at the next survey" and be creative with solutions, suggesting a configuration of Appraisd that will suit your organisation and its performance management journey.

2. System configuration and SSO

During this phase your CSM will configure your account to get it ready for internal testing. We'll also set up single sign-on and, if necessary, establish any integrations you may need with your other systems such as a user-sync with your HR database.

3. Internal testing

While you'll be involved throughout this process, this is your opportunity to really test your chosen configuration. You'll be given full support and training by your CSM throughout your testing, who will help you collaborate with your own colleagues to ensure the system meets your needs.

4. Configuration sign-off

Any changes that need to be made will be addressed so that you can sign off on the system configuration.

Finally, your CSM will undertake an Appraisd Quality Assurance process internally to double check everything's looking good.

We'll start recording any training videos you've requested too.

5. Internal communications

Together we'll create a communications plan that will engage and excite your employees and managers. We'll establish how the Appraisd launch fits in alongside any other initiatives you're working on and how to present it in a compelling way, which highlights the value and benefits to employees.

Let's be honest: pretty much any employee who's using a clunky old system or wading through reams of paper will be overjoyed when they see Appraisd!

6. Employee onboarding

During this stage we'll ensure your admins are fully training and in control. We'll help you become completely self sufficient but we'll always be checking in to make sure you're OK and happy with the roll-out.

If you're doing any employee training, we'll get that sorted too. We are here to make the process as painless as possible, so if you have a question or need help, just ask.

7. Launch

When you're ready, launch is a very simple process. We use Appraisd's built-in email system to send out "Welcome" emails to everyone with their login details.

If you're running a staggered launch, we'll help you coordinate that too.

8. Review and refine

Following launch we'll help you gather feedback and refine the employee experience and ensure your performance management goals are on track.

We'll also ask you for feedback on our own process to make sure we maintain a spirit of continuous improvement at Appraisd too. You see, we do practice what we preach!

Further help

We're always willing to help give us a call on +44 (0) 20 7202 7979 or contact if you need more information.