Time for a change: Introducing the Appraisd brand refresh

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May 19, 2022
January 18, 2024
Appraisd new brand
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It has been nearly ten years since we launched Appraisd to the world. When I think back to what the system was like then and how much it, and the company, have evolved over the last decade, it’s quite amazing to think of what we’ve achieved. We now have clients on every continent and Appraisd is used by thousands of people every day.

While we now have an offer that compares very favourably with anything else on the market, we feel the time is right to give our brand a refresh, revising our logo and colour palette to embrace a modern, contemporary feel, relevant to employers and employees. We also want to clearly define how exactly we can help our clients and articulate the benefits we give to their business. We have ambitious plans for the future and these are important building blocks to help us scale even faster.

Performance, alignment, progression

At the end of last year we did some research with our clients to help us better understand the issues currently facing employers. 

Our clients see execution of strategy and doing right by their employees as two sides of the same coin. You cannot have execution unless people are aligned and performing to their best. And you cannot sustain this day after day unless employees are engaged and therefore retained.

So we can summarise this into three clear strands: 

  • we enable the performance of employees, helping to leverage their strengths
  • we ensure alignment within an organisation, ensuring business strategy remains an unwavering focus
  • we support employee progression, providing development opportunities and building career paths

These three elements are even more important in a post-Covid world, where more employees are working remotely, physically separated from their line manager and colleagues. Organisations need a way of doing things that keeps employees focused and engaged no matter where they are working.

  1. Performance

Most people enjoy doing a great job. To us, when there’s a strong, productive relationship between a manager and an employee, people can really achieve amazing things. Appraisd nurtures high performing individuals and teams through well-structured reviews, allowing the right conversations to be had at the right time. The flexibility it offers means the process can be tailored to each employee, giving them clear goals to work towards and regular progress updates in a way that suits them.

  1. Alignment

Organisations and their people need to know that  the things they’re putting their energy and enthusiasm into genuinely  contribute to the overall success of the business. Four in 10 leaders are currently  worried about having organisational oversight with hybrid working practices. Appraisd provides clarity to senior leaders, providing visibility of all objectives set and ensures everyone is moving in the same direction with a clear sense of purpose. As we’ve seen over the last few years, agility is vital, as circumstances change and objectives need to be revised. Appraisd allows this to happen simply and quickly, so everyone stays focused on what’s important and employees know what they are doing is making a positive contribution.

  1. Progression

With the current skills shortage, it makes sense for organisations to do everything they can to retain their most talented employees. Investing in employees’ careers brings positive rewards, 94% say they would stay with an employer who helped their development. Appraisd helps progression stay front and centre for line managers, helping them to build career paths for their employees and plan for the future. This is the only way organisations can achieve performance alignment day after day. 

These three areas are important to any business and these will be the focus for future developments on the platform. We know the market never stands still, so we’ll concentrate our efforts on making sure we continue to deliver what our clients want and need around these three core strands.

Introducing our new logo

Given the work to define our brand and what Appraisd stands for, it makes sense to create a new logo to reflect it. Our new design has the three lines coming together, representing how bringing performance, alignment and progression together can drive a business forward and help it to thrive. We feel this is a strong, clear message that will resonate both with our current clients and potential new ones. Turn the logo around and you could imagine it depicts the varied future pathways available to people who are fortunate to work for an organisation that has deployed Appraisd.

Appraisd new brand

Looking to the future

This new look and feel represents new beginnings for Appraisd. We will keep on developing, improving our platform and growing the business, so we can help more organisations to create performance management processes that help them reach their strategic goals and maximise their talent.

If you would like to find out more about Appraisd and how it could benefit your business, contact us at sales@appraisd.com.

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