Build a culture of continuous conversations

Whether or not you believe the year-end review still has a place in your organisation, it’s vital employees and managers are able to check-in regularly.

We will support and enhance whatever you think is right for you.

Employees: over to you

When Charlie clicks this button, she’s not just initiating a check-in with her manager.

She’s also sending them a powerful message: check-ins are enormously valuable to her – they’re not just an HR fad.

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Encourage conversations

Appraisd supports any type of check-in which serve to channel the conversation, such as Career Conversation, My Workload, My Wellbeing, Skills & Strengths.

Create whatever topics and forms that suit you.

Monitor and encourage engagement

Find out which of your managers need a little help with easy-to-use metrics and reports.

Make check-ins work for you

Here are just some of the ways Appraisd can be tailored to fit your needs.

Build your own templates

With your own questions, text areas or multiple choice options.

Custom workflows

Keep it simple and involve only the people necessary.

Action points

Research shows 70%* of managers don’t follow up without them.

Ad-hoc or scheduled

Start your check-ins yourself or use a programmed schedule.

Choose your reviewer

Don’t just check in with your boss - do it with your matrix manager, coach, mentor...

Incorporate objectives

Make sure objectives or development plans are on the agenda.

I have always found Appraisd’s support to be excellent. Very quick response time, very helpful and clear instructions and assistance

Marianne Owen, Head of People and Assessment at Talentmark

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