Checking in on check-ins

Are employees having regular check-ins with their line managers? This report explores this and how check-ins can support effective performance management.

Checking in on check-ins

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  • What are check-ins and why are they important?
  • How often are employees having check-ins with their line managers?
  • What do employees want to discuss in their check-ins
  • How important are check-ins to employees?
  • How check-ins support a continuous approach to performance management
  • Expert tips on making check-ins effective

Note from the author, Roly Walter, Founder of Appraisd

The changing nature of how and where we work demands a different approach to performance management, particularly after the enormous impact of the pandemic.

Today’s work environment requires organisations to build a culture which ensures objectives remain relevant, enables constructive feedback and promotes continual learning and development. Employees who are spending more time working remotely, need to have the skills to be able to work autonomously without constant supervision. The management role is shifting away from administrator to mentor.

While it is tempting to think every organisation has fundamentally changed their approach to performance management, our conversations with potential new customers tells us that many have not even started on the journey. How well are managers embracing more regular reviews? What support do employees want? Are regular check-ins valuable? To help answer these questions, we surveyed 1,000 UK employees working in organisations with at least 50 people. The results give an intriguing insight into the current state of performance management, in particular exploring the role of check-ins.

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