A guide to Board-level buy-in for Performance Management

This guide can help you build a sound business case to change the perceptions of your Board and convince them to invest in effective performance management

About the guide

Your C-suite may be dubious about Performance Management, after all traditionally it's been thought of as either just annual appraisals or a way to manage someone out of the business. However, we know it's so much more than that. This guide walks you through:

  • What modern Performance Management looks like
  • How to speak the Boards language and get buy-in
  • How to workout ROI¬†- links to our ROI¬†calculator
  • How to pitch Performance Management to the Board
  • Links to a business case template

How to use it

We designed this guide so you can lift and shift aspects of it to support your conversations with the Board. Download it, and pull apart the sections that are relevant to you and utilise our expertise to get the buy-in you need.

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How to gain Board level buy-in to effective performance management
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