Performance management and engagement schemes ROI calculator

In this calculator, we help HR teams understand savings and increased revenue against costs and initial investment from implementing a performance management system.

The evolution of performance reviews post Covid

With this calculator you will be able to assess:

  • Costs due to absenteeism
  • Costs due to employee turnover/churn
  • Time savings for managers and HR teams
  • Increased revenue per employee after implementing a solution

About this calculator

Implementing a new performance management solution isn't solely an HR decision. Many teams will also be involved in the decision and special attention is often given to employee adoption of a new tool.

This calculator helps HR teams understand the impact of introducing a new system into the work environment. It addresses areas such as employee performance increase, absenteeism and employee turnover vs costs of implementation and investment over a 12 month period.

Appraisd performance management ROI calculator, can support HR teams make the case for a new system, by strengthening arguments and providing figures that can back up a proposal.

I firmly believe that Appraisd has allowed us to retain employees that would have otherwise left. Having the tool shows them we are investing in them as people and effectively facilitates their personal development. It has given us far more than just a new reviews system. <div class="author">Raza Rizvi, Technical Director, activereach</div>
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