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Performance Management - surely it’s about people not software?

You're doing your best to pedal the message that performance management is about people, not the process - right?

Hosted by Roly Walter, Founder and CEO at Appraisd and Amira Kohler, Director of Performance and Change at Appraisd, and with the guest appearance of Hedda Bird, Founder and Managing Director at 3C Performance, this recording delves into a lively discussion about the need to balance soft skills with software.

Watch the full webinar above, or check below each snippet of this conversation:

Catalists - What leads a company to consider they need software? (7.37 min)

Drivers - What factors drive decision-making behind the choice of software? (8.26 min)

Balance - Should companies invest in soft skills or software? (4.07 min)

Confidentiality - Handeling concerns about recording comments online (9:19 min)

Senior Advocacy - How to encourage leaders to walk the talk? (6.40 min)

Emphasis - Can software humanise the process and individualise the employee experience? (5.17 min)

Conflict - Can performance management software ever be damaging? (5.21 min)

Webinar presenters and guests:

Amira Kohler
Amira Kohler
HR Transformation, Performance and Change Management Specialist

Amira has supported organisations and employees in optimising their performance, productivity and engagement.

Having worked in the field of performance management for 30 years, she has experienced the subject from every possible angle. From designing and delivering performance solutions to programme management of global software implementations. She transformed organisations and teams with her deep expertise, both as a leader and as an employee, experiencing the process on the ground. She has also shared her knowledge through speaking and writing as a subject matter expert and thought leader.

Pragmatic and insightful, she knows many managers struggle to lead high-performance teams and find performance management tools unwieldy and complex. She is passionate about guiding organisations, managers and employees through this complex world; optimising performance and engagement with tried-and-tested, practical tools and techniques.

Roly Walter
Roly Walter
Founder and CEO

Roly launched online performance management system Appraisd in 2012. Since then, it has been adopted by hundreds of businesses and is used by tens of thousands of employees around the world. Roly began his career as a Business Analyst at Goldman Sachs designing global online HR tools. It was this experience that inspired him to design and launch Appraisd.

Hedda Bird
Hedda Bird
Founder Director, 3C Performance Management

Hedda Bird is a specialist in Performance Management. She helps organisations transform how they manage performance into a future focused practice that turns strategy into action, underpinned by shared purpose. Her clients range from global financial services companies to the worlds top research institutions, from engineers developing iconic buildings to engineers creating world-beating software.  

Hedda is widely regarded as an expert in the field of managing performance, with published papers in both academic and business journals. Her book, ‘The Performance Management Playbook was published by Pearson in 2021, and was runner up in the Business Book of the Year Awards 2022.

She founded 3C Performance Management Specialist in 2006, prior to that she had 15 years working in the Paper Industry, focusing on environmental management. With a background as a mathematician and sometime theatre maker, she brings an extraordinary range of experience to bear on the continuing challenge of how we manage people and performance in ever more complex working environments.  

Her first degree was in Pure Maths and Philosophy from the University of London, and she holds an MBA (with distinction) from the University of Warwick.

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Amira Kohler
Amira Kohler
HR Transformation, Performance and Change Management Specialist
Roly Walter
Roly Walter
Founder and CEO
22 Feb