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February 2, 2022
January 18, 2024
Employees want to receive feedback
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Managing an employee goes beyond approving their leave and promotion, in most cases, people rely on honest feedback and want to know, and learn, how they can improve and succeed. On the other hand, the modern workplace has changed and most often businesses are bringing in freelancers and consultants who will also benefit on feedback in how they are adding value to the business.

The gig economy is booming. There are now more than two million freelancers in the UK and the numbers are predicted to rise even faster over the next few years. According to a recent survey from Powwownow, 75% of employees would prefer to work in a job that gives them the flexibility freelancing offers. The dynamics of the working environment are shifting, and processes need to change to stay relevant and effective in this new landscape.

How people are employed is affecting how they are managed. There is a move away from the traditional hierarchical structure, with much more fluid arrangements coming to the fore. It is now common for people to work in project teams, not reporting directly into any single manager. If they are working on a number of projects, they could have several reporting lines. Those involved in the project may be freelancers, contractors, agencies or other stakeholders, not necessarily within the business. They may not work in the same office or even the same country.

Creating cohesive teams depends on honest and frequent feedback. It’s important everyone feels able to share their views, whether that’s expressing constructive suggestions to make improvements or giving timely praise and recognition. This open dialogue helps to build strong, high-performing units.

More and more of our customers are taking this approach and have asked us to help make it happen. We’ve listened to these requests, recognising flexibility is of paramount importance. Together, we have worked with them to create an effective solution that enhances their performance management processes.

With Appraisd, customers can set their own parameters around feedback. Feedback can be requested from anyone within the organisation and, most importantly, those outside the business too. This gives companies a complete picture of their employees’ performances, providing a much more valuable and accurate tool for developing their people strategy.

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