RedEye enhances engagement, recognition, performance with Appraisd

RedEye uses regular check-ins to foster constructive conversations monitor how employees are feeling and celebrate successes.

RedEye employees at work
Regular check-ins
Regular check-ins
Focused on stimulating constructive conversations
Bespoke reports
Bespoke reports
Created through PowerBI to track key metrics
Employee engagement and wellbeing
Employee engagement and wellbeing
Monitored through regular check-ins

RedEye provides an AI driven marketing automation platform, helping clients to create automated, personalised multi-channel campaigns. Following the pandemic, it has embraced a “freedom to choose” approach so employees have the autonomy to decide where they want to work. As many opt to work remotely, RedEye has adapted its processes to support their employees who work away from the office.

<fs-toc-omit>The challenge

RedEye had a performance management process and online system, but neither were really adding value to the business or employees. An annual review didn’t work for anyone and fell far short of meeting the needs of a fast-moving, agile IT business. When they tried to transition to a more continuous approach, their platform wasn’t flexible enough to accommodate the new process.

Through consultations with managers and employees, it was established that everyone wanted more frequent, less formal conversations. The main drivers for the new approach were:

●       Enhanced employee engagement

●       Alignment of goals with the business strategy

●       A greater focus on career development

<fs-toc-omit>The solution

Appraisd was selected as RedEye’s new platform because it has the flexibility to support their chosen process. Its introduction has allowed conversations to flourish between managers and employees. As Appraisd is so easy to use, employees have embraced it, making performance management part of their working day, not something to think about once just a year.

Appraisd is the only HR tool that RedEye uses. It underpins their whole people management strategy. It facilitates:

●       Objectives which are aligned and connected to specific business goals

●       Individual career development plans

●       Instant feedback and more formal 360 feedback

●       Public recognition

●       Monitoring employee engagement

●       Supporting employee wellbeing

“Appraisd allows me to know how employees are feeling based on the engagement question we include in our check-ins. This is hugely important now that most are working remotely. I can quickly see if an employee has a problem and speak to them and their manager to get things back on track.”<div class="author">Emma Powell, Head of Learning and Development, RedEye</div>

All managers are provided with support and training on how to be an effective people manager. They are provided with a guide that clearly sets out the behaviours they should exhibit and the expectations associated with the role. Part of these is holding regular reviews and check-ins, updating progress against objectives and providing feedback and recognition within Appraisd. They have a clear framework to follow which helps them to support their employees more effectively.

Through PowerBI, RedEye have created a series of bespoke reports which provide exactly the data they need to see how well their employees are performing, how engaged they are with their work and what career and development plans are in place. These reports are reviewed monthly by managers and senior leaders so everyone across the organisation has a clear, up to date picture of their key metrics.  

“The data we extract from Appraisd shows us clearly what employees and teams are performing well and where recognition is deserved. We can quickly spot when reviews and check-ins haven't been completed, allowing us to keep on top of any issues and address hem before they escalate.” <div class="author">Emma Powell, Head of Learning and Development, RedEye</div>

<fs-toc-omit>The benefits

One of the most important benefits of Appraisd is that all employee objectives are clearly linked to organisational goals. It is very easy to see what employees are working on, what progress is being made against each objective and where most effort is being spent. This highlights where more resources may be needed or what adjustments are required to hit targets. Employees know what value they bring to the organisation and what they are working towards, increasing both their engagement and motivation.

On average 75% of scheduled check-ins are completed, which is the benchmark that the organisation is comfortable with. It shows that managers and employees are talking regularly about objectives, development and their wellbeing, which is vital for a mostly remote organisation.

Currently 99% of employees have logged in and used Appraisd in the past six months. This compares to just 50% achieved with their previous supplier, demonstrating a huge leap in engagement with their performance management process.

With everything being held centrally in Appraisd, it is much easier to link everything from feedback to wellness action plans back to objectives and organisational values. This means, wherever people are working, they are aligned to the same goals, know the behaviours required and are all pulling in the same direction.

Use of instant feedback and the public recognition wall in Appraisd has allowed excellence to be celebrated. Employees have embraced the opportunity and on average, more than 30 pieces of recognition are published each month.

“Appraisd is a fantastic tool for our business and our managers. It shows our senior leader show employees are performing and feeling and gives our managers the information they need to better support their employees and their development within the business”<div class="author">Emma Powell, Head of Learning and Development, RedEye</div>

It is not just Emma who appreciates the tool. RedEye's managers and employees have really embraced it too, recognising the value it adds to their experience at work.

“Appraisd's tool is really straight forward to use as both a team manager and people manager. The ability to see previous check ins, set goals and track progress all in one place means it's a far more beneficial experience for both parties and adds real value in helping both career development and day to day operations within the business. It's also great to track team sentiment and wellbeing within a single platform. Overall, Appraisd has helped progress our people first approach as a business and would highly recommend it as a product.”<div class="author">James Ede, Director of Customer Success, RedEye</div>
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