Hybrid Charter Checklist

Are you revisiting your organisation's hybrid set-up? Moving to hybrid working? Use this checklist to ensure alignment between your employees, managers and organisation's needs.

Understanding your employee's hybrid working expectations

Setting up or revisiting your hybrid setup can be challenging. Balancing employees' expectations and business needs can be hard to navigate.

How can you ensure your team is working together effectively?

By defining your organisation's Hybrid Charter. A document that supports managers in aligning employees and organisational needs.

Our handy checklist allows you to understand your employee's expectations and what works for them. Using this you can identify opportunities for collaboration that ensure people's time is used efficiently.

Interested in Hybrid working?

Watch our webinar recording: Treading the tightrope: Optimising performance in a hybrid world.

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Hybrid Charter Checklist
Understand your organisation hybrid setup
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